Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy new year

Well, I have been falling behind! Our internet will connect for about 2 minutes and then disconnect without warning, and not get back on for several hours.

What a time!

William is still congested and wakes himself up coughing. Otherwise I think he'd sleep all night now. Ella started running a fever yesterday. I hope it is from her teething (she's breaking in molars) and not an earache. We all started coughing and sneezing more when we moved apartments. I bought a Febreeze Allergy reducer and plan to spray down the new house as soon as we get there.

Today is the day to gather up our belongings; tomorrow we get our house. I've got the water and electricity set up, but we haven't got the phone yet. There are many companies that offer phone service, but to get any of them you have to have service with BT (British Telecom) already. So I found a number to call from their webpage. There is the regular number, and a different number for people who don't have BT yet, but the house does. SO I called it and a man answered right away (no computer menu) and asked if he could take my order. Kinda threw me off. So I tried to say what I needed and he said something unintelligible. I asked him to repeat it, and he did. So I just said "Yeah" and there was a click and we were disconnected.
So I asked Bob to try. He never got an answer on that number so called the other one, and got through, told them what he wanted and got all the way up to the credit check and was disconnected. We haven't got around to trying again yet.

We had the brilliant idea of getting our cell phones unlocked, buying a new SIM card and doing pay-as-you-go. I called AT&T on the 22nd; the guy was real nice and said no problem, he would order the unlock and the tech guys would send me an email in 7 days (which somehow added up to the 31st). Well, yesterday came and went with no email. So I get to call them again. I don't like making phone calls.

But anyway!

This last year we:
Had a baby
Got orders to England
Bob turned 40
I turned 30
(Neither of us had any kind of fanfare as we were busy moving)
Abilene saw record rains
Abilene never got up to 100*F which is remarkable
went to Sea World
went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas
visited our first time share resort
blew up an engine
bought a new van
Granny turned 80 and we went to the party
flew to England
rode a train
went to Dallas twice
bought membership to the Abilene zoo and went a dozen times
saw the most awesome display of wildflowers
bought Fredericksburg peaches from a local
won first place in the fair (for pecan pie)
gave away a pickup
bought a Honda
had a yard sale
had a booth at a flea market
got Bob a Nikon d80
opened the Flickr pro account
got this laptop
paid off all debts
sold a house
loaned out a dog
Naysha lost her first 2 teeth
Riah was potty trained
Naysha had her first haircut
Naysha learned to write her name
Taryn started multiplication
etc etc

And you know there's more.


Constance said...

Reading that list from 2007 made me tired! Talk about stressful! When you're all settled I would love to see pictures of your new surroundings! I've been to England a couple of times but never left the airport. They were always stops before we got off at Frankfort to visit my grandparents. I got sick mid December and am pretty much "normal" again I'm going to try this stuff called Nasopure that my oldest daughter recommended. It's a nose wash and supposedly works like a charm. With my auto-immune disorder, I need all the help I can get!

Wil said...

I enjoyed your 2007 list of accomplishments. Sometimes, it's easy to feel you're not getting anywhere in life until you look at a list like that. Good job.

(And good luck with the telephone service... My last few times to call customer service w/AT&T required a good three minutes of punching my way through a computer menu, only to get a non-English speaking person in a foreign country. Very frustrating.)

Wil said...

Oh, forgot to mention. The last time on customer service, I asked the man, "Can I talk to someone who speaks English?" He replied, very clearly, "Sir, I AM speaking English." That was the only thing he said that I understood the entire time.

MamaOlive said...

ha about speaking English. My guy actually was American, I think. But more about that in later posts.

Connie, Bob keeps pics at www.flickr.com/photos/oliveplants