Friday, 11 January 2008


Whew. Caught up again.

Bob got the van. >doing the happy dance< He said it looked good except for one light cover was cracked, and he’s getting paid for that right away. He’s supposed to get an entertainment center from someone who is leaving. Good thing, since we didn’t bring ours as it won’t fit through British doorways.

The fever is all gone, leaving sore throats.

Cedwryck is wanting to be potty trained, so we are working on that.

I called the WIC office (they have that overseas now) and oh, yeah, we qualify. So tomorrow we’ll go up there and sign up. WIC is a government program that gives milk, cheese, cereal, juice, and peanut butter to pregnant and nursing mothers as well as children up to age 5. Prices being what they are here, we decided to sign up. IF it proves too much a hassle, we can always stop again.

Time to get the clothes sorted.

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