Monday, 28 January 2008

And more potty

Well, I posted too soon yesterday, I guess. Here's the rest of the gruesome details.

While at the store Saturday, we bought each of the boys a belt, as some of their pants are a little baggy (that's trousers to you, Ganieda). So they were very excited to wear their belts to church Sunday. So after the incident already described, when we get home Riah needed to go again. He heads for the toilet, and a few seconds later we hear this terrible wail. Bob goes to investigate, and what do you know? Riah couldn't get the belt undone, and so peed on himself once again. So they mop up and change and come to lunch.

After lunch the children went outside to play. After awhile Riah came in to use the toilet. After quite awhile he headed back out, but stopped long enough to announce, "The reason I changed clothes is because I had an accident." Lord, have mercy. I was trying to catch up on laundry!
We asked him to clean up his mess; he said he did.

Twice more throughout the day we saw puddles in the toilet room and had Riah clean them up.

At bedtime all the children march into the bathroom and get their toothbrushes and stand in line while we come and brush their teeth. They'd just been gone a second when Taryn came back to the living room. We asked why she wasn't in the bathroom. "We are in the bathroom," she replied, "but there is BM on the little toilet, and a spot on the floor, and I don't know how to clean it up." This has to be a joke. We followed her to the bathroom, while she says, "I guess it was Riah." There was a little splatter across the baby toilet lid, and a brown spot on the rug. We sent everybody out but Riah, and Bob questioned him while I cleaned up. Riah put on his soberer than any judge look and denied any knowledge of the incident. So we called in Naysha, and could tell right away that she had something to say. She was going to the bathroom earlier and "had gas." So we explained that these things should be addressed right away for reasons of health.

THEN, after they are all in bed, I discovered a big puddle around the base of the toilet (in the toilet room). As I'm wiping it up I even notice splatters a foot up on each wall. Oh, boy!

I'm very proud to say Bob and I both kept our tempers about the whole thing, though Bob is wondering what special sin he has committed to be repaid this way. ha.


Ganeida said...

I believe I have the worst story ever but thankfully it didn't happen to us. We had a friend with a huge, long, lixuriant beard. Friend had a gorgeous brand new daughter. He was lovingly changing her nappy & ticking her tum~tum with his beard when she had *liquid gas*. It went all through his beard! He swears he was picking bits out of his beard for a week. I'd have been clean shaven in 5 seconds flat!

MamaOlive said...

Oh no! LOL. I agree, I would have been looking for scissors.

Constance said...

Man oh man I sure don't miss those days!!!

I browsed through a few of your pictures on flickr. I'll look at some more of them later today. I did a couple of pages from the front and then went to the end of the album and looked at a few going backwards. If I said something about a picture on page 96 for instance, you might be thinking, "BROWSED!?" (explanation)

Speaking of 96, I saw the one of the field cannons and thought I'd tell you that our youngest daughter used to be a Civil War Re-enactor and was a Corporal in the eTexas Calvary, dismounted. She even ran her own cannon crew! We loved going to her re-enactments and since my hubby loves to photograph, we have some wonderful photos of that time in her life.

BTW, your children are beautiful!

Constance said...

Laura was in the 4th Texas Calvary, dismounted. I didn't see my typo until after it was posted!

MamaOlive said...

Thanks Connie. That is cool!
Our children were terrified of those cannons. But we had fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Very, very glad those days are over! If the mess was very bad (feces or puke, but especially puke), I would start gagging and retching. Your dad was wonderful to come to the rescue. Guess he knew if he didn't, he'd have two messes to clean up. Makes my stomach queasy just thinking/writing about it.

Ganeida said...

Meant to say Ditz read your post over my shoulder (missed your explanation) & went,'Why do they need belts to hold up their undies?'