Saturday, 29 December 2007

sure, why not?

Well, I want very much to be clever tonight, but I think I'm too tired.

Woke up at 4am to feed William and noticed the room was a little chilly. The radiator was cold. hmmm. Same thing in the hall and bathroom. Well, somehow the heat was off, but William wasn't cold and I could cuddle with Bob so it can wait til morning. When we got up at 7ish it was a little cooler in the room. We noticed the thermostat was all the way down, so turned it back up and waited. Bob checked the hot water heater and it was still hot, so he took a shower.

Then i went to take a shower and there was no hot water. The radiators never came on. So we called the front desk, and they sent a guy out. He checked the fuses, and decided the main safety something outside was off. He tried to relight it and couldn't. A little later a HVAC guy came out and did the same as the other guy.

We went on to the BX. Got ripped off at the pizza place, I got mad. Ella ate most of my sandwich. Went shopping, got a breadmaker and hair clippers that are 220volt. Went to the Baskin Robbins to order Cedwryck a cake, but only the one on Mildenhall does cakes. Came back to the room to find a note taped to the TV.

"So sorry, but we cannot fix the heat. You'll have to move." They'd actually brought in an electric heater, but then realized that we needed hot water for showers, too, so that was no good. So, 4 days before we are scheduled to move, we had to move. We have lots of plastic grocery bags, so we packed everything in bite-sized bundles and ran back and forth to the new room. It is the next door over, so at least that was convenient. Ella kept getting in the way, so I strapped her in the stroller to keep her. We actually got it all in about two hours.
Bob and I kept thinking that now I had something to blog about.
We were going to just swap out the hangers with clothes for the empty ones, but this room has a different kind of hanger.
The new room has hot pads (potholders)! The fridge is about half the size of the other (which was about 1/3 the size of the standard American ones). One bathroom window is broken and stuck open, but the vent works.

Anyway, the whole thing is pretty silly and I'm kinda achy from running up and down stairs. Makes me want to diet. But we're here, and it's bedtime.
God bless us all.


kimba said...

Reminds me of the 4 shifts we made in and out of rented houses, before we could afford to buy the house on the island.

CassieHumble said...

Well that stinks. At least it was next door though.

Ganeida said...

lol. Welcome to England. And people wonder why the English find discussing the weather so fascinating.

MamaOlive said...

Well, I was blaming it on the Air Force more than England. Funny thing is, at this point it was almost expected.

Wil said...

Sounds like the adventure continues. I said to Marline, "This kind of thing doesn't happen in America," and she replied harshly, "Yes, it does!" But I reminded her that our misfortunes in traveling are very temporary and easily fixed. It's not like we move from one situation to another. Here, when one room is messed up, we get moved to another room where everything is fixed.

Anyway, I posted pictures from Christmas Day (finally!), and they're HERE if you have time to look at them. Though it might be faster to view them as a slideshow.