Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I remembered to take my "pre-natal" vitamins for two days in a row! I wonder if they sell "post-natal" vitamins... Whether it's that, or just my determination to do the right thing; yeah, it's the vitamins. But I have been better about getting stuff done. AND not losing my temper.

I wonder what it would take to get me to write in complete sentences. (So glad this thing has spell check)


Sunday night we had chicken pot pie and sweet potato casserole for dinner. Yum! I left 1/4 of the sweet potatoes without the crumb topping so Naysh could have some with marshmallows instead (ewwww). Taryn thought she wanted marshmallows, but when I mixed up the brown sugar topping she had a nibble and said "That is better than a marshmallow." Smart girl.
While we were cooking, we talked about the church service that morning. They had a box of flags in the back, and children being what they are, ours kept turning around to watch the flag lady. So after a little bit she came and asked the girls to join her, and they did. Riah about came unglued, so she came back and handed each of the boys a flag, too. They stayed in their seats, but waved the flags around. So, back to cooking; Taryn said it was fun to do the flags, and I asked her if it helped her to worship God or was just fun. She honestly replied that it was just fun. So we talked about worship, and she thinks it doesn't matter how one worships so long as the praise is to God. Hmmm. Most modern people would probably agree with her, but I have a book called How God Wants us to Worship Him. I thought it might make a good study, so when I finished my dinner I read some outloud and Bob gave his input on the subject. The author is "reformed" and goes by the "regulative principle of worship" which says only the things commanded by the Bible are allowed. So we'll see how that goes.


I had a lovely long post but my STU{PID internet, which I had written about, messed up the whole thing! And, apparently if I click on the save draft button it disables the auto save , so the whole other part that I just wrote has diaa apeared.

No, i can't type when I'm mad!


Constance said...

The older I have gotten, (ancient feeling this morning) the more I have realized that everything we do can be an act of worship. It's more than singing a song or lifting my hands in praise. It's cutting our elderly neighbor's grass, letting someone ahead of me at the grocery checkout lane and so on. Acts done for others, performed with a serving heart and knowing that my Father in Heaven would be pleased that I am thinking of others before myself, is one way I can give back to God rather than asking what He can do for me.

Wil said...

About the saving/losing of blogs:
I learned a while back to type my blog in a text editor (NotePad, EditPad Lite, etc.) and save regularly. When I'm finished, I copy and paste to the internet. :-)

MamaOlive said...

I figured later (after I calmed down) that it can't autosave when I'm not connected. Duh. But I will post more about that soon.