Saturday, 29 May 2010


Overheard yesterday:

Bob to children: You need to mind Mama and me because we are in charge.
Ella: Yes, we are in charge of the WHOLE WORLD!
Bob: Not the whole world.
Ella: You're joking me. (kidding me)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Big Day

Saturday was a big day. Naysha’s birthday party was 10am to 1pm, and then our neighbor’s birthday party was 2-4pm.

I want to do a nice big thing about it, but my allergies have woken up and the brain is not working properly. Plus I have to stop and sneeze every few seconds.

Umm, Naysha got crafts and a fairy Barbie and a tea set and a brand new CAMERA. The BX had the choice of Kodak EasyShare and Nikon CoolPix. I read some reviews and we went with the Nikon. A little more complicated, but much faster and sharper images. The neighbor’s party was at the skating rink and it was noisy but fun.

Then, to top it all, Elijah was standing beside the toy box and actually let go for a couple of seconds. He just made up his mind that he needed to do it, and kept working until he got it.

Grossness warning!

Today I was eating lunch at Taco Bell and coughed or something (don’t remember exactly what), and my nose felt kinda funny. Shortly thereafter I blew my nose and a piece of my burrito came out my nose. Then I did it again. I’ve heard of snorting milk or soda out your nose, but never a burrito! My nose still feels kinda funny. I think I’ll call for an appointment with the allergist tomorrow. It’s time to do something.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Or just lazy...

Saturday we went to Bury to the market; got 7 of the loveliest peaches ever (among other fruits).

Sunday was church lunch (I brought homemade pecan pies and store-bought rolls and lunch meat). We arranged it just right so that we got to visit with people this time. We were minding our own business when the man next to me leaned over and asked Bob what he thought of our new President. hehe. Bob was very polite and said he was doing about as we expected him to. Then conversation turned to health care, took a breather on worm farms, and back into the fray with Creationism. Heavy stuff for such a loud and casual atmosphere.

Bob talked to his mom, who had been out to look at a house for us. She had been hesitant at first, but this second time they talked she was more positive about the place. It's 7 wooded acres near Beaver Lake (Rogers, Arkansas), but the house is a double-wide mobile that needs subfloor. But it's cheap. But no garage... We are considering it. Thinking about how much it would cost to do the floor and build a garage, checking if internet is available there (maybe!), etc.

So I called my mom and she went to look at a place near them (Wewoka, Oklahoma). 33 acres, cleared, with 2 ponds. But the house is small and messy. No garage, but a couple of outbuildings (in varying stages of repair), fenced... Asking more than we have, so we'd have to make a low offer and still be all in. So we did what I always do when I don't know what to do - made a list.

Oh, Bob and I are back to dieting. He's outgrown most of his trousers recently, and I'm not much better on my tops. sigh. I'd been exercising regularly, but it's not enough.

Also I realized out time here is getting short, and am starting on the big sort out.

Gotta go.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well, I’ve heard of Twinspeak – Ganeida can tell you more about that, but it’s a phenomenon where twins develop their own language (more or less) based on slang, mispronunciations, etc. In our family, all the children do this together, and I wanted to document it. So, words my children use and what they mean:

“Bursted in” - usually called “cutting in line,” but also refers to interrupting.

Play “Mark and Josh” - like make believe or playing house, but based on our real life cousins Mark and Josh. Except there are more of us than 2, so we also have Josh 2, Joshoo, and Dad Beauford.

“Ninny” – contraction of “not any”

“Wrong” – a Williamism to show his disapproval of the goings on. Vegetables are usually “wrong.”

“Blue guy” (or whatever color) – a man wearing a blue shirt.

“Naked” – any skin showing below knee or elbow

“Smoker” – cigarette

Wii terms:
“Bump” – known officially as the MotionPlus Accessory

“Bald-on-top-guy” – one of the Mii characters, who teaches boxing and is considered very tough.

“Trigger” – the nunchuck

I know there are many more, but that’s all I can come up with for now.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I've mentioned a few things that I never came back and resolved.

1. Bob's infection/hernia. His medication has run its course and things are greatly improved, so Bob is going with the "it's not really a hernia" assumption. I hope he's right.

2. body odor. I researched and found that it can be caused by a magnesium deficiency, so I'm eating a banana every day. Ewww yuck! But it does seem to be helping, so I guess that's a good thing.

Well, that may actually be it.

On another note, I've searched before, but this time actually found some people I used to know. I'm now Facebook friends with people from my church in San Antonio (from when I was 11 and 15), and even someone from 4th grade, when I was in government school in Bulverde. Now that was a good find, because he is actually friends with a lot of people from our class, so maybe today I'll try to connect with a few more. I'm not sure why it's important to "keep in touch" but it does feel nice to know there are people in the world who would relate to me as something other than what I appear now. Of course, it is who I was that makes me who I am...

Sorry for having all the extra short blog posts lately, but I figure it's better than nothing.

Monday, 3 May 2010


Just saw this page - - and thought it was cruelly clever and well written. But didn't want to put on Facebook because (whisper) some of my relatives are government school teachers and would be highly offended.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Well, I shut my computer down a week ago, and from Sunday through Friday I read the entire New Testament.

It was refreshing to shut out all competing influences and just remember what's first. Result? Well, I clicked "hide" on Facebook pages for "Campaign for Liberty" and Ron Paul. Seems that Jesus and the Apostles were more concerned with personal holiness than fixing the world in general. Maybe I'm headed back to my teenager stance of supporting the Loyalists ... hmm, we'll see. ;-)

Today we hit some garage sales and then out to Audley End House. They've restored the stable block and this weekend is the grand opening. There was a demonstration from fife and drum corps and some riflemen, and Queen Victoria even drove up in a carriage. Good stuff. We wore jackets and got sunburned. ha.