Sunday, 27 January 2008


Caps lock off.

Saturday the bases were having a "boot sale" - not the sale of footwear, but sales out of the "boot" or "trunk" or cars. We were hoping for good things, as military families who are moving tend to get rid of some terrific junk. I'm glad we've learned to be flexible. There were 6 or 8 sellers, and no one had anything larger than a microwave. But we got Ced a raincoat, and got a fan for the summer, which we are sure will come for at least a week or two. We also had grocery shopping to do, but we weren't quite ready to head home.

So we went out to the Anglo-Saxon village that we'd tried on Christmas break. They were open this time. It's a pretty neat place. There is a museum part, with lots of pottery and beads and stuff that has been dug from the area, and then there is the outside part - the village itself. They've re-built, on location, 5 or 6 buildings from Anglo-Saxon times. Each house (or hall) is done a little differently, as the whole thing is a bit trial and error. We were pretty much free to run in and around the buildings.
One building was being re-thatched by a man with shaggy, curly hair. Azariah, whose voice carries quite well, said, "Mama, what is that girl doing?" I quietly said, "I think it's a MAN." He responded at full volume, "It LOOKS like a girl." So much for not offending anybody.

After the village, we bought a bookshelf and some groceries. Oh, and ate at the "nice" restaurant on base, and I had the duck, which was a special for the day. At first it came quite raw, so I had to send it back, but once it got cooked it wasn't bad. Not wonderful, but okay. Tasted like steak.

This morning we went to church at the British A/G in Lakenheath. They had a guest speaker from northern regions. If we listened closely we could understand, but if we got distracted for a minute, several words passed before we could catch on again. Like getting in rhythm to jump into a moving jumprope. But it was pretty good, up until Riah fell asleep. This sounds like a good thing, but Riah sleeps hard. Too hard to wake up when he needs to pee. Or when he has. When church was over there was a damp spot on his chair, and a corresponding spot on his pants. We left as quickly as possible, considering that Bob, Naysha and I also had to use the restroom, and William had blown out his diaper and Ced fouled his. Way too much potty for one church service!

Home again now for a relaxing afternoon.


Ganeida said...

I remember those church services ~ & the bus trips. Why do kids always wait till you can't possibly change them to do something monstrous? I when Brisbane to Toowoomba with Joss who soiled his nappy 5 minutes into the trip ~ one of those putrid ones that stank out the whole bus. Man! As for hair, my dad, caught behind a driver with the most luxurious flowing golden locks was so taken with the hair he did something he never did before or after ~ he whistled. The head turned & a huge bristling moustache glowered at him! lol.

Anonymous said...

lol. Oh Shari, I'm glad those days are behind me and mostly forgotten! This too shall pass, then there will be other more exciting things like teaching the children to drive and more.

MamaOlive said...


But wait, there's more...