Friday, 11 January 2008

Sunday Jan 6

Not too much today. No transportation, so we didn’t go to church. There is a United Reformed Church in Cheveley, but we didn’t think it would be our style. We had a devotion, and spent most of the morning trying to get books on shelves. After lunch (sandwiches) I put Ella to bed and Bob took Riah to town. I made bread in the breadmachine, the girls helped me make rocky road brownies, and we tidied a little. Bob came home with a dryer vent hose and a toilet brush. He attached the hose while I started supper – BBQ chicken and, well it was supposed to be biscuits, but I had to keep running out to help other people, so it was stuffing mix, and pork and beans.

The dryer: there is no place for it in the house, but there is a little back entry thingy that had an outlet (they call them power points), so we put the dryer in there. We’d asked the estate agent about getting a vent hole, but he said the owner didn’t want to put in any work on that room because she plans to tear it off eventually. So when we got the dryer we just laid the hose on the floor, and opened the outside door and window when it was running. Still, the floor stayed wet that way, so we got another hose and now it runs out the window.

The rest of the evening was spent looking for the wet wipes. We KNOW we have a refill bag of wipes, but if they are in this house they are invisible. So I am now changing diapers with toilet paper or wet paper towels.

Bob also rearranged the girls’ room, because with the bed in front of the window the ladder was against the wall. He had to move the chest out into the hall to turn the bed, then moved the chest back in. Now the girls can climb into the top bunk rather than being lifted up.

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