Monday, 25 March 2019

March already

Quick thoughts:
We went to TTD NWA Thurs-Sat, and learned some and spent some money (about $500, including supper after, but not including hotel or meals we brought). Wow.

I've started having reactions to my allergy shots, so I'm back to taking Zyrtec every day, which  makes me sleepy. So I drink 2-3 cups of coffee instead of the 1 I had been doing ever since I had the stint put into my groin last May. Yeah, it's a year of self-improvement. First the legs, then the allergies, then the T-Tapp. Well, I did 4 weeks of T-Tapp, and lost a couple inches off my waist, but not much elsewhere. We're starting up again today.

The hyacinths Ruth and I planted in the shade garden are blooming! So many of the bulbs I bought are lost because we never got soil for the garden. :( Hope and waste and carry on.

Bob SHOULD be able to "apply" for a full-time position this week, and then only another week or two until he gets a raise and a day off each week! We've been holding on for this since December, when the retiring guy went on terminal leave, but being a government agency, they couldn't even post the job as available until the guy's leave was up and he officially retired, then the postmaster had to email somebody, they had to approve it, email back, THEN they could post it. :eyeroll: anyway.

I just went online to check when Riah's next heart appointment is, and re-evaluated his last few ECHOs.  It's really hard, because each time they record different things in a different way. For instance, in '15 they recorded a dimension of 4.1 and a gradient mean of 16. In '16, the dimension was reported as 4.6x4.6, and no gradient (or else I didn't jot it down; hehehe). In '17 the dimension was 4.7-4.9x4.4-4.5, and the mean gradient was 13. In '18 the mean gradient was 11.2, and the dimension was once again in a single measurement of 4.67. So I looked up the gradient for the first time that I remember, today. Smaller is better! He's been going down for the last 3 years! Smaller is also better on the dimension, but as you can see, it's hard to get a bead on that when they report it in different ways. I had looked at the MRI reports pretty thoroughly last year and found that it had decreased slightly from the previous one to the more recent one, but when we saw the doctor, he said it had increased slightly, so that has been bugging me ever since: wondering if I had read it right or what. Maybe he only looked at the ECHO and not the MRI. Anyway... Even if it got a teeny bit bigger, that was during Riah's growth spurt, and by all expectations, the valve should have looked much worse after the body growth.

I have a cool app called Automatag that can change "unknown" albums in your phone's music into known albums, complete with artwork and song lists. You just have to be patient with it.

We put in new septic lines last week. By hand.

I suppose I'd better go be useful.