Sunday, 6 October 2013

for fun

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earlier today I read about the content of 2 random chicken nuggets, some recipes, some games, my brother's blog, and various other news and editorial articles.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

the big blur

The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic.

We were disorganized and had to run into Huntsville at least once a day last week.

Riah had a birthday, at which we realised we have a birthday or major holiday every 2 weeks from Mid September through the end of January. He got a bow, but not the one he wanted, so he gave that to Naysha and bought another, which Cedwryck likes, so he got one, too. They've been shooting every spare minute.

Taryn finally got her eyes checked, and needs glasses. We shopped around some and finally ordered a pair at Walmart. While checking the mall stores (minnimum $300 at LensCrfters) we popped into J C Penny. I gave up shopping there years ago, as the one in Abilene never had any of the advertised specials, and the one here didn't have a "women's" section. But they'd remodeled recently, and it was close to LensCrafters. Right as we walked in there was a rack labeled $1.98. Found a shirt for each boy, and 2 pair of pants; cheaper than Goodwill! Then found the large ladies area, and pulled out 2 tops that fit me, both on sale.Went to check out and saw coupons on the counter for $10 off a $25 purchase, so picked one up. The lady rang up a couple things and mentioned that one of my tops was $30 (still a discount, but not what I'd thought). I was going to leave it, but she suggested I ring it up seperately from the other thingfs and use another coupon. Smart! So we left there feeling happy.

Saturday we stopped at our friends' house for a minute to pick up some milk, and while we were chatting they got a call from another friend who was on the way over and was having car trouble. Bob put on his mechanic hat and offered to take a look. Long story short, we stayed at their house for 9 hours while Bob replaced the brake line which was worn completely in two. I'm glad we all get along so well. It was a long day for an introvert, but it was mostly enjoyable.

Cedwryck was baptized on Riah's birthday, and the next Sunday we went to see our friends' middle two baptized at their Mennonite church. Two very different services, but both beautiful and meaningful.

We brought in, sorted, and washed all the winter clothes. I sorted through another 3 bookshelves. Bob began the great remodel. We are adding on to our living room (9x19 just ain't enough) by enclosing some or all of the carport. First he cleared the area, and then he knocked the rock siding off. Then he bought some insulation for 1/2 price. Then we atarted talking about all vs part. hmmm.

I made another 2 batches of pickles and some relish.

Haven't got any sewing done.