Friday, 11 January 2008


Today was the day to get the books sorted out. We have school books for the next 2 years, that were in our storage building, but they got reboxed in the move, and were all mixed in with this year’s books. So I went through all that pile, plus a stack of misc. books and papers, and got them onto shelves. Yes, that took me all day.

I also did school work with Naysha, cooked dinner, made bread washed dishes, kept the babies happy, etc. But not a lot to show for the day.

Oh, the bread. The machine wants everything at room temperature, so I had the butter, yeast, and egg sitting on the counter – actually on a plate to avoid bumps. Then the boys came in to watch me fix supper, and didn’t leave when I did. A few minutes later they tracked me down. “Mama,” says Riah, “Cedwryck broke the egg.” “No I didn’t.” So here I go back to the kitchen. Sure enough, there is the egg on the floor. By the time the next egg is warmed up and I get the stuff in the breadmaker, it is nearly bedtime. When we went to bed there was an hour left on the timer. I thought I’d wake up and get it, but didn’t. When William woke me up at 2:30 I did go dump out the loaf, but it was already tough by then.

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