Tuesday, 22 January 2008

So called holiday

Monday was a day off work, but not holy, so I hate to call it a holiday. Martin Luther King day, was it?

Our friends from Iceland (an American Airman and his Scottish wife) called us about 9am and said they would be on RAFMildenhall by 11:00. We were a bit excited to see them again. Excited to talk to anybody, really, but extra because they were old friends. We had a very nice lunch together, our children showing how much they can eat if they can.
Bob and I each had a sandwich and soda from Burger King. Cedwryck had a giant slice of pizza, an order of french fries, and a taco (something from each of the eateries), and still wanted more. Riah and the girls each had 3 tacos and a few of the fries.
They have two children, a 6 yr old girl, and a boy, 3. The boy announced right away, "I'm a robot!" so I tried to steer clear of him. My children told me later that he was also Superman, sometimes. The girl was deprived of oxygen during birth and has a little learning disability, but seems to be doing very well.
One or more of our children misunderstood their family name, so for future reference they shall be called "the Owls."

After lunch we shopped a bit and then stopped for dessert at Cinnabon. It smells good when they are baking, and we've heard good things about the company, but personally, we weren't impressed. Our sticks were cold and the taste just wasn't all that. Nothing like homemade. So now we know, and won't be tempted anymore.

Well, everyone is awake now. I hope I can catch up a bit more later.

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Anonymous said...

What IS their family name?