Friday, 11 January 2008

Monday pt2

Where was I?

Ah, yes, the day of the black smudges on the carpet. I did mention that the estate agents were very detailed about damage, right? And we will have to pay for that.

Well, when Bob had last vacuumed he’d been delighted to discover that the vacuum fit in the kitchen “cupboard.” That’s where the “boiler” (hot water heater) is. He worried about that at first, but checked the pipes and they weren’t terribly hot. So after dinner I went to get the vacuum to clean up the crumbs, and the hose looked kinda funny. (It’s a canister, not an upright.) It had melted around the pipes. There was a 4 inch section that was totally flat on one side, all blobbed together. After a bout of self-blame, Bob went to showing his genius. I wondered if we couldn’t splice it, or use the hose from the old vacuum, but he took a piece of pipe from the floor lamp that got broken in transit, and used it to lengthen the hose. It is just the right width so no clamps or anything was needed; just pushed one end of hose on one end of pipe, and the other on the other end. Works like a champ.

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