Saturday, 19 January 2008

A bit of quiet

Good morning Cheveley. After a much-disturbed night, I am enjoying a bit of quiet before the family wakes up. Oops! I hear a child.

William rolled from back to front yesterday, chasing his hand. He didn't get over his shoulder, so it was easy to turn back.
Last night he got his fat leg stuck in between two slats on the crib. Plus waking to eat 3 times. Not to mention Riah coming to knock on our door for no reason other than he woke up. Plus, I guess cool whip keeps me awake now? We had peanut butter pie for dessert last night, and I don't know if that did it or what, but trying to sleep I felt like I'd had 3 Cokes.

Things have been fairly calm since Bob started working regularly.
He got the van's lights changed to UK specs, and went for the inspection yesterday, but failed because we need a new tire. Our phone bill is past due as of today, because we have to pay in person, and Bob doesn't want to go anywhere after he gets home from work. I am NOT driving anywhere by myself just yet.

Bob got an email from some friends we met in Iceland. They are stationed at another base nearby. We thought they were in England, but Bob tried to look them up before we came over and had no success. I guess they found us when their Christmas card was returned to them. Anyway, we were going to meet them today, but yesterday their daughter got sick, so it's been postponed.

I filed our income tax return yesterday. Thanks, Wil, for blogging about that; it reminded me to look at it. I used TaxAct online - free efile for people in our income group. Took about 15 minutes, and we do get a bonus this year, too. Bob is already looking at new lenses.

Ella has cut 6 new teeth since Christmas.

All are awake now.

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