Thursday, 17 January 2008

Taryn's birthday

Taryn is now 9 years old.
We'd decided to celebrate her birthday on Saturday so Bob will be here all day. But she wanted special treatment today, too. No school, she got to pick the daily video, etc.
She wants a "princess" party. We will send the boys out for awhile, make cupcakes, fix our hair and paint our nails, decorate the cupcakes, and invite the boys in to "tea." Only her meal of choice is chili and Fritos.

Today we were out of milk, so when Bob got off work he turned around and took us all back to base. Shopped, ate, shopped. While I was getting groceries, he went to get an entertainment center. Someone is leaving and gave us their old cabinet. It's in good shape. Quite heavy. Bob paid the guy to help him get it on top of the van, and when we got home we worked together to help it fall slowly. Bob did most of the work; I'm not as strong as I used to be when Wil and I armwrestled every night.

It is good to be online. I hope we figure out how to pay our bills so we can stay online. hehe. BT isn't the easiest company to figure. I think I know what is meant now when people say the British don't like success. It isn't just brilliant people they don't like; they really don't expect things to work out right.

Anyway, it is time for bed.

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