Tuesday, 30 March 2010

catch up

Hey! I finally got Elijah to sleep on his blanket instead of my lap. This means that I can type! (well, sort of)

What’s been going on lately? Hmm. I got some reading glasses. They are much lighter than my old ones, and are designed for reading rather than distance, so it really reduces eye fatigue when I’m reading all day long. I knew my eye condition was called astigmatism, but I thought it meant one eye had a different prescription than the other eye. Apparently it means my eyes aren’t quite the right roundness. (Or it actually is the other! Either way, I have both problems.) So while my eyesight isn’t actually that bad, my eyes (especially the left one) get sore by the end of the day. Except, now they don’t because of the new glasses. :- ) Yeah, I forgot how to write.

Ummm, the BX has been having a Wii 3-point contest every weekend. The first week they had it at the BXtra, and they let all the children do it. Though Bob had the high score at home, Taryn beat him at the store, and as her score was over 12, she got a reusable shopping bag. The next week it was at the main store, and Bob got the high score of the day – 22. They didn’t let the children go. He won a Nerf-style basketball hoop to hang on the back of a door, plus ball to go with it. When we claimed out prize they told us to be sure and come back next weekend, so we did. This time, I won! Bob tried a round, and then I went. As soon as I was done the guy handed me the ball hoop. :- ) Oh, Wii is the new Nintendo game console, and the 3 point contest is a basketball style shootout, featured on the game SportsResort.

A lady at church had a baby. She’s pretty quiet, but her husband is always talking to us because he wants to know all about fatherhood, and figures Bob ought to know something by now. She was induced at 1 week overdue, and at the urging of her mother and the nurse had an epidural. The father tells us that was the worst part of labor, as she’d been doing fine up to then. Ah, well, baby was delivered safely, after prayer turned him into the right position. I’m happy for them. And I’m glad my mom told me not to have an epidural, as she’d endured 2 natural labors and said it was easier without it.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about self-discipline and stuff. Makes me very uncomfortable. But I have been pretty consistent with the cross trainer lately. It actually helps my knees not to hurt. I’m just waiting for my pelvis to stop hurting. And somewhere in all that self-discipline stuff was a bit about NFP and sex-ed, and we’re recognizing the need to have one of ‘those’ talks with the children. We want them innocent but not ignorant, so they will know to choose the good and refuse the evil. Speaking of innocent, yesterday William was breastfeeding a stuffed animal. LOL. But he’s starting to be interested in potty training! It won’t be long now.

Well, Elijah woke up and is starting to think there’s more to life than laying on the floor. Speaking of Elijah, he is very coordinated, and just has to be holding something or walking (or both). He loves for us to hold his hands and let him ‘walk.’ Okay, gotta go.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

long day, with books

Today started at 4:45. No, Bob didn’t have to go to work – Ella had to go to the bathroom. And instead of just taking her, Taryn and Naysha tried to talk her into going by herself. Apparently they talked for 20 minutes. Then slammed the bedroom and bathroom doors, turned on the light, and went back to the bedroom fussing more about something. They woke up everyone else except Elijah. A boy went to the bathroom. I got up and turned off the light and told everyone to go back to sleep. Quiet more or less lasted until 6, when we gave up and got up.

Everyone fussed about having cereal for breakfast, so I said something about Rugby’s. We’ve tried to have breakfast there twice, and they were closed both times. Ever since we found out they had waffles we’ve wanted to go. Well, they open at 8 on Saturday, so we had some time to kill. We all dressed and got shoes on, and I woke up Elijah and fed him. Then we went to Rugby’s. They were open! We ordered lots of food, and eventually got it. While waiting, Bob took pictures of a man who came in in a suit and hat. Well, for something we’ve wanted for 2 years, the waffles were a great disappointment. They tasted and felt rather like cornbread. Very dense and crumbly. The omelet was nice, though.

After breakfast we headed to Bury for the market. On the way I saw a sign about a book sale at Lackland Lakes, and convinced Bob to stop. I bought 3 books and he bought 5. :- ) Then on to Bury. We found a parking spot on the road, and on the way to the market I saw a clearance book store and convinced Bob to go in. We each got a book. I bought lots of produce and Bob got 3 photo magazines at the market, and a Dark chocolate Twix bar (Greek version) made with Fairtrade chocolate. Yummy! (Bob got a Lion bar.) After lunch at McDonald’s (doubly crowded since Burger King closed) we were out of time on our parking ticket. Just a note here to all Americans who haven’t been to Europe: you have to wait for a table in McDonald’s.

We decided, since it was cold and cloudy, to go to Lavenham. We’d never been, though I read about it soon after getting here. It is billed as England’s finest medieval village, and has loads of crooked half-timber buildings. Parking there is free, but scarce – there were a few spots open, but I can imagine the circling cars in summer. We walked nearly the whole length of the main street and back, but didn’t go down any side streets. The Post Office had a sign out about a used book sale (um, yeah – post offices over here aren’t sterile lines of people waiting to get stamps and mail packages; they are cozy little centers of the village, selling everything from fresh bread and ham to used books). Bob went in and found a book he wanted, but I had the money, and when I went in I couldn’t find his book, but I got 4 others.

We weren’t ready to go home yet, but too cold to do anything else outside, so we went to Mildenhall to the BXtra. After a leisurely tour of the store we had dinner at the food court, impressing an elderly British lady with our well-behaved children. We are nearly out of movies to watch, so we stopped at the library to see about renting one, but it was closed. So Home and to bed – it’s 8:30 now and Bob and I are on our way upstairs.

Oh, by the way, Elijah has TWO TEETH now. Yeah, he’s just 4 months old. And he can blow raspberries.
Okay, good night.

Friday, 12 March 2010


Is this better? I was afraid the dots were distracting.

Tuesday I got a call from the furniture store, saying my bed frame was in. Yay! So Wednesday I loaded up the children and we ran errands. First stop, we dropped some groceries at my friend's house, because she lives behind the fence and can't get Tesco delivery. I even let the children out and they made enough noise to keep her awake for awhile (she also has iron deficiency and has been taking long naps). The gate guard said "nice van!" when I came clattering up. :-D
After that, we went up to Feltwell to claim my bed frame. It took 4 tries of swiping my card before it worked, but finally it went through. The warehouse guy joked about the frame not fitting in the bus.
Then we took the long road to Mildenhall so I could stop at the veg stand and get eggs, carrots, and broccoli. Once on base we went to the BXtra for lunch and shopping. I bought each of the boys a foam sword, and the girls a Frisbee to share. I also picked up a school book for Ella, as she isn't taking naps anymore and wants to "do school," some headbands, bandaids, and toothbrushes. After strapping the children back in the bus I ran over to the new "home store" to check it out. I bought 2 tablecloths - one for every day and one for special occasions. The girls think it's terrific.
By the time we got home, we'd been out for 4 1/2 hours, and were ready for bed.

I'm getting used to driving the bus, but I still don't "like" it.

Oh, on the way to Feltwell, we saw a Chinook helicopter, like my dad used to work on. Plus lots of Belted Galloway calves - very cute!

The crocus I planted last Fall have come up, and are nearly ready to bloom.

Oh, we didn't make it to see the astronauts last night. :-( Bob got off work in time to go to class, but didn't get home from class until 8:15 and at that point we were all pretty much too tired for anything. Bob should pass the class, but he was disappointed about missing Neil Armstrong. These are the parenting choices that are hard to make. Meeting these men could have changed one of the children's life. God knows what they need; I just wish we knew, so we didn't have to feel conflicted about it.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

helpful hint

If the text on this (or any) page is too small, hold down the control key and press +. It will get bigger. :-)

how do you like the new look?

I also bought a tablecloth, but it doesn't make for a good blogger background. :-P

Elijah had his 4 month checkup this morning. He weighs in at 16 lbs 4 ozs, about 75% for both height and weight. He's also scooting. Dr had him on his tummy to check head control, and he rested on his elbows for a minute before getting his knees under him and she had to flip him back over before he scooted off the table. Anytime I lay him down, he instantly flips over to his front. Last night he was laying on his playmat, which has two soft bars that cross over head, from corner to corner. We have a few toys hanging from the bars for him to look at. Anyway, he was laying there, and started kicking his legs, and he was kicking one of the bars, which made the rattle shake. So he'd kick, and watch the rattle, kick and watch. Then he looked at the rattle really hard, flipped over onto his back (landing directly under the rattle), grabbed it with both hands, and began to chew on it. :-) Smart AND cute! Good thing I'm not partial.

I got up at 4:15 this morning! 5 was fun yesterday, but today was a little too early. I'm glad this schedule is temporary. Tonight some astronauts, including Niel Armstrong, are going to be on base for a meet and greet. Bob and the children want to go, but Bob is supposed to take his final exam tonight. The teacher did say that if he couldn't get off work in time he could make up the test this weekend, but Bob would rather get it out of the way.

Saturday the University of Cambridge is putting on a science thing (it was actually all week)... I haven't even mentioned it to Bob yet. I know it will be crazy crowded.

Well, I better get on with it.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

not much time, after all

Maybe I should rename my blog... It was done tongue-in-cheek, but I did used to make time to blog more regularly. Oh well. I do Facebook now, and my new Soduko (Sudoku? I never remember which way) book has a place to make diary entries. Add to that, I usually sit down to the computer when I'm nursing Elijah, and it's hard to type on a laptop while holding a baby in one hand. So there are the excuses, now for the updates.

Retirement is looming large ahead of us. We wonder everyday where we will end up. Do we buy or rent a house? Do we choose a location with a good art school or business school? Do we go for a location that is pleasing to our flesh or close to a Biblical church? Should Bob look for a 'good' job, or go part time to keep the stress low? Do we live in town or out of it? This pot of questions simmers constantly on the back burner.

Slightly ahead of that is our time left in England. We will take 3 weeks of leave this summer, and I've booked 3 holiday cottages. That will give us a week in each of three central locations - North Yorkshire, North Wales, and South Wales. I feel a lot of relief to have the places booked, as many cottages were already full for the summer. But as time marches on, I will have to come up with a specific list of things to see and do at each location, and make lists of things to bring (beyond ordinary vacation things, like laundry soap, and maybe a crockpot, and games to play, and ...). And then I hope to squeeze in all the closer destinations on Saturdays and any upcoming 3-day weekends (I want to spend some time in Lincoln, for example).

Then of course, is work. Bob is part of an exercise this week, and he was gone from 5am to 6:30pm yesterday. Good timing, too, as this week is his final exam for his Math class. I *think* he'll pass it, if they let him off early to at least be there in time. The first half of the book was a struggle for Bob, as he can't accept my way of doing algebra (don't worry about making sense, just follow the formula), but the second half he has left me far behind. When he knows what they're talking about he can understand what it means and do the problem without the formula.

Cedwryck went to the dentist last week and they say he has a "cross bite" and want to put in an appliance. But it should be done after his 6-year molars come in, but if we do it now, it's free. So what to do about that? And I still need to schedule the other children.

Naysha is already planning her birthday party (birthday end of MAY).

But with all that, I feel that I'm in a good place emotionally. Pastor has been preaching about healing, and while I believe healing is provided for but not promised, it has stirred hope within me. I've had a bad toe for at least 3 years; the nail was pretty much gone, and it was funky looking and sensitive. I'd pretty much gotten used to it, but in January we had a foot-washing service, and the next time I happened to look at my feet the toe was normal. The nail is grown back and everything. So I am taking that as a deposit, and I do believe God can heal my arthritis. I think it is linked to a spiritual condition, as the Bible says "A broken spirit dries the bones." If a merry heart does good like a medicine, it isn't an immediate healing, but an improvement in health, and that's what I'm looking for.

We tried to sell the cross trainer/eliptical, but that fell through. So I figure I may as well use the thing. I uncluttered the den so that I can get to it, and have been going 10 minutes at a time. And I'm on day 2 of no junk food. AT ALL. I'm having Tesco delivered today, and didn't even order a chocolate croissant. sob.

SO that's me caught up, more or less. Now on to the laundry - starting the washer should help Taryn get out of the shower. hehehe.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

still laughing

Oh, boy!

Dear Ganieda commented on TSC's pancakes, calling it a pikelete. So I googled it and found a food forum. Came across the following quote... It is exactly what I think every time I try to talk recipes with Ganeida...

Well I hate show my ignorance here but I aint never heard of a pikelete. Is that some kind of furrin food maybe? And if they are mixing the imitation maple into the mix doubt the Rotty would eat it too vigorously. Maple needs to come from Log Cabin or Griffins pankcake/waffle syrup judiciously applied at the last miniute and slightly after the cow butter. In Americka nobody messes with that metric stuff cept for drug dealers and school teachers. I fondly recall in Physics 101 the teacher say all you need to know about metrics is a fly weighs about a gram and a fly's turd weighs about a milligram. That tidbit has really come in handy over the years in trying to figger out whut the furriners is talking about. ... Next time give it out in teaspoons and pounds and stuff like that if you dont dont mind. Thanks. You aint a bloomin limey by any chance are ya

from here: http://www.forumextractor.com/post/1205298.html