Friday, 11 January 2008

Monday Jan 7

Bob’s first regular day at work.

Taryn has had a fever since Sunday, and is headachy. Ella is 90% better – nose still runny, but she is smiling and “talking” again. By bedtime everyone else has fever, too. Sigh. I’m ready for a healthy household.

Yesterday we’d got out Zach’s old keyboard (electric piano type), and it has been a big hit. Today I’m in the kitchen and the boys are playing the keyboard, but it’s getting pretty loud, so I go to turn it down. What to my wondering eyes should appear? (Besides Cedwryck jumping up and down on the keys) 6 big black tarry marks on the carpet. The keyboard used to have non-skid feet, but they’ve come off, leaving the tar that used to hold them on. So I spend the next 20 minutes blotting the carpet with some all-purpose cleaner I’d bought before we came out. I thought it was looking some better, but after it dried it darkened back up.

I cleaned out the closet corner of our bedroom – got his clothes in the wardrobe and mine in the closet, put the towels in the bathroom and the rags in the kitchen and the sheets in the “airing cupboard” and the boys’ and girls’ clothes in their rooms and the papers on the desk and the trash in a bag. Remember I said the movers were just dumping everything?

We sorted out the sitting room enough to get out the “tunnel” toy that Gram gave the children a few years ago. It was longer than they thought, but smaller around than Taryn remembered.

I found a temp conversion chart that tells me where to set my oven. But it’s convection as well as metric, and that makes it different, too.

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