Thursday, 16 April 2020

Covid blather

I just realized I haven't time to type this out right now. sigh.

I think the virus itself shouldn't be a cause of concern for most people, but the government response should be. Of course, the outcome is the opposite - many people are worried about the virus, and few people are worried about personal freedom.
When I think about the levels of conspiracy, mistrust, corruption, and violations of rights, I get very frustrated and upset, and feel powerless to do anything about it. When I think about God's sovereignty, and His love and care, I feel peaceful and empowered. I know that all the schemes of man cannot stop His plan for us. I know that He can do what is needed, and so can I! I can pray. I can share. I can listen to those who need to vent. I can get lots of work done at home since all our appointments have been canceled.
The first week that Arkansas was "shut down" - in quotes because we haven't shut completely like some states have - our family did go to a church meeting anyway. It wasn't crowded, and people refrained from shaking hands and hugging. I enjoyed the meeting , but some others thought it wasn't worth going out if we couldn't go tour regular fellowship. So the following 3 (?) weeks, we have stayed at home, and either had our own service, or watched one online.
I was initially prepared to "dare" someone to stop me from going to church, or to arrest me, or whatever. I had my dander up, so to speak, and wanted to rebel against the stupidity and the system. Let me be clear: I never thought that "church" would protect against the virus. I felt that it was better to exercise my rights than to be safe from the virus. I thought it was right to do my reasonable service to God, whether or not it put me at risk. I remembered the martyrs and the persecuted church throughout the centuries, who risked life, limb, family, job, and just about everything else, in order to fellowship with believers. And I thought that the worst we can do is maybe get a ticket, or get sick. Since there are numerous viruses going around at any given time, we already risk getting sick when we go to meetings.
But, somewhere along the way, I felt that desire to fight was fading away. I still get frustrated when I think of the governments' behaviour, but I don't feel that I am on a personal vendetta against it. I believe God is making a way, even in this. And if it's the way to the end, so be it.

Meanwhile, we have plenty of food and toilet paper, and everyone is healthy. The boys haven't got their braces yet, but I guess that's ok. We are working on the house, anticipating a mortgage which will allow us to renovate the kitchen, replace the roof, and pay off our credit card debt. People in town display a lack of knowledge about how to stay sterile, and the recycle center is closed. The counting at the door of Walmart seems a little over-the-top, but so far I haven't had to wait outside.
And I was right; I didn't have enough time to write. Must go fix supper.