Friday, 11 January 2008

Wednesday Jan 2

We got our house!

First, Bob went to Mildenhall and paid the estate agent our first month rent and deposit, and got the “inventory” and a form to get direct debit. But he didn’t have enough money because our paperwork was wrong. So then he went to the car rental place and rented a station wagon, as they were out of vans. Left his car there, which was packed to the brim with boxes and bags and stuff, and brought the rental to the room. We squished into the rental, back to the agents to pay off the rest of the deposit. Back to the rental place. I got into the Honda, Taryn got my seat in the wagon, and the others spread out a little. I followed Bob to the house in Cheveley.

Got out, Bob pulled out the keys, and none of them opened the front door. Hehehe. We could get in the back door, but still couldn’t open the front because it requires a key on the inside as well. So we unloaded the car through the back door. Then Bob and Taryn got in the rental and headed back. Went to the agent’s office and helped them look for the keys. Then back to our room to fill up with more stuff, then back here to unload. We’d just started going over the inventory when the loaner furniture people got here. The base will loan us a fridge, clothes dryer, microwave, 4 transformers, and 4 wardrobes for as long as we are here. Everything except the transformers are brand new. I don’t think I will plug anything expensive into them.

We tried to unpack our boxes, but can only do so much with no furniture in which to put stuff. Then we started the inventory. These people wrote down every dent, scratch, and spot. Well, they missed a few, but the list was very detailed. So we got mostly through that, but were getting tired.

So back into the cars, back to base. I parked Bob’s car at the room and squished back into the wagon for a ride to dinner. After dinner Bob dropped me off at the commissary to get bread for lunch today. The bread isle was bare, except for 2 loaves of Jewish Rye, and a note saying bread will come Thursday. Thankfully the bakery had made a few extra, so I got 3 packages of rolls.

Then we went back to our room for one last night. After we got the children to bed we called BT to have a phone set up. It should be ready on the 4th, after which we can get broadband internet. Woohoo! We got the international option, which is 5GBP for unlimited calls to America and a few other places. We’ll get our money’s worth out of that, I can tell you.

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Constance said...

TRANSFORMERS, my first thought was Megatron and Optimus Prime and then realized it was for working your electrical stuff.
Tee Hee!