Friday, 25 January 2008

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It's hard to be tired and wound up at the same time, but I do it a lot.

Yesterday I got the idea to start taking Ella with me to the bathroom. We haven't got one out of diapers before age 3 yet, so why not try something different? We have a little plastic toilet in there; may as well use it. So in one episode she learned the word "potty." Smart girl. Next time I took her she watched me wipe and said "stinky" - sorry! But she is happy to trot along with me, will flip open her lid and sit down (diaper still on, mind, I'm not crazy) beside me, chatting all the way. She'll get up and down and say "potty" and "stinky" and "hot" (about the towel warmer), and jabber about everything else in the world. But maybe she'll get an idea or two.

We are off desserts during the week now, and exercising. But Friday starts the weekend, so I made a chocolate chip pie. That thing took 2 hours to get done. I don't know what I did wrong, but the children had to go to bed without any because it was still very soupy then. It's good now....

Naysha decided to clean her room today, which I can't complain about, but the boys' chest is in the girls' room (movers got confused and we haven't bothered with it yet as it's all short sleeve stuff). She decided to clean it out. So when I went to put Cedwryck to bed tonight it was covered with a big pile of clothes. Sigh. Kid gloves on, as Naysha has been a little emotional lately. "Naysh, next time you want to start a big project, clear it with me first, okay? I sure am glad you wanted to clean your room; it looks good."

We have a "Hooked on Phonics" set that we'd bought at an auction a few years ago, and I've been going over it with Naysha and Riah for their schoolwork. Cedwryck asked me today if we could "play a card game." Kinda puzzled me, as he isn't really big enough for UNO, but he was wanting to do phonics. Memories being what they are, he may have it down before Naysha does. She's smart enough, but just doesn't pick up on things the same way as the others.

Anyway, not much going on today. Hopefully we will have fun tomorrow.

I got a few pictures yesterday, and Bob put some on Flickr. Tonight he took some of the children, too. But he did a google and found his pictures on a dozen different websites. I think they are all Flickr related sites, based on the tags, but it bothered him anyway. He made the pics private, but it didn't change anything, so he'll change it back again.

guess that's it.


Wil said...

(re: Flickr & Google)

If you change your photos on Flickr to "private," it will restrict access to all but those you allow.

However, the Google search does not directly access the sites you mentioned. I'm sure you're aware that Google doesn't actually search the whole web every time you enter a search term.

It's actually searching all the time, all on its own. When you enter a search term, Google simply searches its own database. So, even if all of those sites don't have your photos anymore, they'll still show up in Google's search results for some time (sometimes up to a week or longer).

Also, if those sites are linking directly to the image URL (not the page URL) on Flickr, changing them to private may not help.

Based on my own experience, though, most of them are probably pulling from Flickr's API, which searches only public photos.

Ganeida said...

Oh, yuk. I find it hard to keep my temper at moments like this.

Daniel has jouned the silence. You are lucky I do so few of these...;)