Monday, 7 April 2008

What I'm looking for in a church

Will try to do this in order of importance, though I doubt that lasts long.

First and foremost - Preach the Word.
Preferably King James

Second - Male leadership
(Sorry Ganieda, you know how it is. Love ya, sis.)

Third - Covering
Ideally the women would cover their heads and the men wouldn't, but I'd be happy if both genders just covered their private parts.

Fourth - worship
I'd like to have at least one song I know.
Since we're talking ideals here, I'll go ahead and include a desire for talented musicians/singers and a decent sound system.

Fifth - order of service
I don't really mind if they have things printed out on a paper or displayed on a screen, or just announce what they are doing. I don't even mind if they have communion once a year or once a day. What I would like to see is proper time and place given to each thing, meaning communion should take longer than announcements; prayer needs should be considered and "prayed through," a time should be given for proper exercise of the Gifts.

Sixth - children
They should be welcomed in the church and not shuttled off to a back room to watch a video and keep quiet while the adults have "real church." On the other hand, parents should be encouraged (not condemned) to train their own children to behave in church (maybe even participate!) and learn in meeting and at home.

Seventh - Fellowship
A support group of homeschoolers would be awesome. Available mature ladies and youth to form a core of people who care for each other in times of need. A time (maybe even a place) to hang out and chat.

Oh well, I think that's the high points. Now we just have to find it, or the next best thing.


Ganeida said...

Haha! Love the bit about covering! I'm with you there.

You know how it is here so no offense. I prefer male leadership but that's merely a preference not a conviction. As it is at present we are churchless & there's nowhere on the islands I'm prepared to go & no~one really wants to travell AGAIN. I am wracking my brains for a solution while God just seems to be sitting there twiddling His thumbs prepared to go with whatever I come up with. I'd prefer a voice boomed from heaven saying, 'Do this, do that...'

MamaOlive said...

Have you heard the song by Rich Mullins that asks, "Are You up there, playing 'hard to get'?"

God has a plan. As they say, "Pray Until Something Happens."

Sisterlisa said...

Great list of search criteria. ;O) I'm new to your blog, I take it you don't have a good church home right now? Have you watched church online at all? Many churches have online services.

MamaOlive said...

Hi, SisterLisa, nice to meet you.
No, we haven't found a home church yet. We've listened to some sermons online and on tape, and it isn't the same as being there, but at least we are getting the Word.