Sunday, 6 April 2008


So, I didn't come up with a plan Thursday night. Cedwryck's ear hurt, and Bob wasn't sure if he'd be home at his regular time or not. Forecast was 62* and mostly sunny for Friday, and 50* and rainy for Saturday.

We woke up Friday morning and it was raining, albeit lightly.
Bob was up fairly early, and we started trying to think of what to do. Finally we decided on staying local - getting some errands run, maybe getting a tube pass for going to London Saturday. After a lunch of cinnamon biscuits, scrambled eggs, and bacon, we were ready to go.

So I'll make our list and tell how each thing worked out.

1. Check mail and buy stamps.

2. Go to ITT (Information, Tickets, and Travel) and find out about Tube passes, maybe look at ticket prices for some attractions.
They were closed in honor of the wing goal day.
Explain this to me, please! How can they sell tickets if they are only open when people are at work?

3. Go to VAT office to get road tax refund.
Also closed for goal day.

Oh, wait a minute, let me go back a bit. Before we started anything, I called to see if Ced could get a "same-day" appointment to look at his ear. I figured the phone system was messed up because no matter what I pushed, it took me to the nurse answer line which is only open a few hours a week. When Bob got up I told him, and he said that the HOSPITAL was closed for goal day. What is goal day? That is a reward for pilots, crew chiefs, and MAINTENANCE for making the goal number of flights for the month. These guys work their tails off to make the most ridiculous goals, and the whole base gets a day off.

4. Try one more time (Bob had been twice the last two days) to pick up some used flower pots that a person was giving away. In their ad they said to just come by and get it - first come, first serve.
But when we go by the house nothing is sitting out. So Bob went to knock on the door, and the neighbor pops out and says that she works at the school and won't be home till later. So the school is still in session, thus ensuring that "family day" is enjoyed by all.

5. Go to BX to get a hand mirror and a power strip/surge suppressor/ whatever you call it for the desktop computer.
I went in, found a mirror. But then I couldn't remember if we wanted a British power strip or an American one. So I went back to the car, and Bob went in. William was starting to fuss, so I got him out thinking to feed him. But he just sat up on my lap and started talking to me. I think he was trying to say "daddy." Anyway, Bob got the plug.

6. Had the brilliant idea of going to Mildenhall's ITT, since they obviously didn't get a goal day, as the planes were flying every 5 minutes.
Also closed.

7. Had an appointment to look at a high chair in Midenhall town, but it was over 30 minutes away, so we stopped in the shoppette for a minute.
Then to the "back gate" for a short drive to the house. Back gate is closed. So we had to drive ALL the way around the flight line to get to the other gate. Finally got off base to find road construction. It was 20 minutes after our set time when we showed up, but the lady didn't seem to mind. We bought the highchair.

8. Go back to the car parts store in Mildenhall because the radiator cap Bob got yesterday was too small.
Friday is market day in Mildenhall, and the market is in the one small car park the town has. So we drove around the loop 3 times and finally found a spot. Part exchanged successfully.

9. Go to a town not far away to look at some lined drapes for sale.
To get there we had to go through Brandon, which is a small enough place, but it has one road through town, and that road is also the most direct path from Lakenheath to points north. So we sat in traffic for 30 minutes. Found the house, bought the drapes. On the way out, we asked the man the name of some flowers he had out front (we see them all over). He couldn't remember the name, but said they are a good spreading ground cover, and pulled up a clump for us to take home. Cool.

That was the end of the list, but now it was after dinner time, so we went back to Lakenheath BX for pizza, wings, and a sub.
Then got the great idea of going through the store and looking for clearance clothes. Taryn is now too big for girl's clothes. We did find her one top in the ladies section, size petite small. Also got her some pantyhose.
After a few trips to the toilet, we were ready to go home.

Speaking of toilets (and you know I will!), Thursday night Cedwryck said to me "If I tell you all the time when I need to go potty, I can wear a pull-up." That's right. (We'd been over this before. He wants to wear pull-ups to be a big boy, but he'd go on wetting himself anyway, and pull-ups cost at least twice a regular diaper.)
So first thing Friday morning he told me he needed to go. He stayed dry all day Friday.


Anonymous said...

Wow, can't believe you did all that in one day. How did the children do staying in the car so long? jc

MamaOlive said...

They were pretty wound up when we got home, but in general they do pretty good in the car. The only time we have trouble is when we try to bring them toys to play with - they fight over the toys.
They did watch one video on the van's built in DVD player.