Thursday, 10 April 2008


I just realized that my "introductions" post was my 100th post. Wow! I'm really getting into this.

Yesterday William reached 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding. That's always my 'goal' - to nurse for 6 months - but this is the first time I've reached it. Taryn was introduced to the bottle too early, and liked it better; Naysha started on cereal at 4 months; Riah was grabbing for table food by 5 months; Ced (may I admit to drawing a blank? Does that make me a bad mother??); Ella was losing weight because of my pregnancy with William and so we shoved anything we could find at her.

Yesterday I "went to town." Now, having always lived "in the country" I was not aware of the implications of that phrase until I was 15 or 16 and I told a friend that Mom and I were going to town. To us it just meant a trip to the nearest grocery store.
We were nearly out of some key ingredients like milk, tuna, and diapers, so it had to be done. Also yesterday was the last day to use my WIC vouchers. So, Ella being already fussy, I put her down to nap at 1:30. At 3:30 we were all ready to go, so I woke her up and we headed out to the door. Some phrases you might have heard, had you been here:
"no, you cannot take that with you in the car"
"where are your shoes??"
"Can we watch a movie in the car?"
"get back in the house - William isn't in his seat yet!"
"No, *you* cannot take *that* with you."
"Where's the keys?"
"Do you have the list?"

So, carrying the diaper bag, the car seat, holding Ella's hand, and with keys out in my free hand to lock the door, we were ready to go. (Reminds me of one time at the grocery store in Texas, the guy asked if I needed help with my bags. I replied, "This is easy! You've seen me in here before, holding all 4 children at once.")
So enough with the attempts at humor.

First stop, post office. I admit it, I left the children in the car while I went in.
Next, I planned to eat at Burger King before it got crowded, and then go to the commissary afterwards while other people were eating dinner and it wasn't too crowded. First we had to sit in the car and wait while the national anthem was played. Then we went to Burger King, all got out and danced across the parking lot, amidst a chorus of "can we play?" So they started into the kiddie room while I found a table. Naysha came with me to get a high chair, but Taryn didn't think Naysha was capable, so she came, too (thus leaving the little ones unsupervised in the play room). So Ella came out, too. So I left the bag and highchair to come re-establish them in playing. Only then I saw that William had a dirty diaper, the girls had to go to the bathroom, and Riah was crying about something. So we all went to the bathroom. Then back to the dining room, where it all began again. So we left. Cedwryck had a good cry about it, and when he was done we went to the commissary.

Have I mentioned before how little I like the commissary?
No matter what is on my list, no matter what I do or do not buy, I always spend $100.
The isles are crowded, the employees are rude, it isn't well organized at all, etc. I guess the same could be said about most grocery stores. Anyway... They had one of those super carts with 3 axles and no steering, with a toy truck thing stuck to the front of it. I thought it would be easier to keep up with the cart than with the boys, so I got it and they got in. I put William's seat in the basket, and Ella sat in the seat by the handle. Then Taryn got a regular cart to put groceries in.
Somehow or other we made it through (me carrying William half the way and pushing the super cart with one hand), including the maze that they call the checkout line. It actually wasn't very busy at checkout. I pull up to the register, and the guy says, "Can you put everything on *this* side [of the conveyor belt]?" I gave him my best "You have got to be kidding me" look, but said I'd do what I could. Wouldn't you know it, the juice I got lost week on WIC wouldn't ring up this time. They guy holds it up and says it won't go, so I say I guess I won't get it then. He stood there and held it for a minute, then asked if I wanted to go change it. Umm, it $3 worth of juice... it's the STORE's mistake... I'm standing here with 6 children, 3 of whom are crying, obviously worn to a frazzle.... Taryn, who is holding WIlliam so I can unload the cart, says she'd go get something else. So the guy asks her if she'll take back the other! I wanted to slap him, but she didn't seem to mind.

Anyway, we got checked out, and as the (work only for tips, but you can't refuse the service) bagger gets his cart ready to take out to the car, I try to ask the little ones if they need to use the toilet (intending to let them go while I load up the car, and then come out to me) but Ced is crying about something and won't listen to me, so I just start out. They all follow me, and I hear someone else start to cry, too. Turns out its Naysha, who left her coat in the cart. I finally convince her to go back and get it while the bagger (sacker?) tries to figure out how to get the stuff into the back of the van. Will someone explain why the cargo area in the back of a van slopes toward the back open door? Why can't it be level, if not indented slightly or tilted in? He/we finally decided to put a couple of the bags up front. I paid him and he left. Then I get in, where the children are crying and buckling and asking to watch a movie. I nursed William and explained about going to the bathroom, so they all unbuckled and Taryn took them back inside to use the toilet, then they finally came back out and rebuckled.

I did put on a movie for the way home.

We got home at 7, put away groceries and ate dinner just in time for bed. I think they all slept good last night.

Cedwryck is doing good on potty training. He did have one accident yesterday. He had a nap on the couch, and just after waking up he said, "I forgot to go to the bathroom ." I was nursing William and so didn't want to get up, so I told him to go wipe up and change, but as he started walking he splashed with every step. So I had Taryn bring him a towel and he stripped right there, wrapped up in the towel, and then went to wipe up.
Then, while everyone else was eating dinner, he went to the toilet by himself. After a looooooong time I went to check on him. I opened the door and he said, "I shouldn't have done that." He had used at least a whole roll of paper (thankfully throwing it in the trash can instead of the toilet) and had managed to paint the entire toilet seat.... I decided to just give him a shower and get it over with. Then he ate while I cleaned up the room.
But over all he's doing really good. He's been dry 3 nights in a row, which is pretty cool, especially as Riah still hasn't been dry 2 nights in a row.

I had an appointment today to get more WIC vouchers, but we never had our blood drawn to check iron levels, and they won't do it without that, so we canceled the apt.

Bob has off tomorrow, so we are tying to find something to do.


Ganeida said...

OK, my himalayan ignorance is showing again but what is WIC & why on earth are you shopping in such an awful place? We mostly got terrific service in England & no tipping necessary either. Is that the army place or something? Is it suppossed to be cheaper? Or are you just suppossed to be supporting America in England? *scratches head* Befuzzled me girl; befuzzled. Honestly (having done this with 5) I've had staff offer to carry kids, never mind the groceries. Find a new shop! :)

MamaOlive said...

You must have missed my post about signing up for WIC; shame shame. It stands for Women, Infants, and Children, and is a US government program that gives free milk, cereal, juice, cheese, and eggs. Each voucher is worth $30-50 (depending on what all I get), and I get one a week for myself and 3 of the children.

Commissary is the military grocery store - it's one of our "privileges." Some things are cheaper in town, but meat, for example, is about 1/4th what I would pay on the British economy. Our local Tesco is a pretty busy place, too, so we don't get a lot of old-fashioned service there either.
Now the little general store/post office in town is great, but they don't carry much more than bread, fresh ham, and greeting cards.

I really don't like going to the commissary, but driving through town (even small Newmarket) is terrifying. I hope to branch out soon; there's a bulk food store in Cambridge that sounds wonderful.

Thanks for the sympathy.

Ganeida said...

Ahhh....I probably read the post & filed it in my short term memory thingy instead of long term retrival & at 1/2 a century both are stuffed to the gills with enough trivia to sink the Titanic several times over. Granted any sort of food in Britain is hugely expensive & what they do to pineapples is criminal. I know shopping with littlies is a health hazaed (theirs, not yours ;) but eventually they will all have learnt how to be a really big help. I had both girls with me today & liddy now keeps a running tab in her head like I do ~ & her math is better! Plys they're cheeful about carrying all the heavy items. I actually carried nothing today. Instead I got to park the car & scurry for the boat in pouring rain.:D

Anonymous said...

All I can say is poor you on the shopping by yourself. jc