Thursday, 3 April 2008

Not much to say

I'm debating whether or not to post, since I don't know what to say, but I'd hate to disappoint my readers.

Anyone noticed my counter widget? (the thing on the upper right with numbers - it counts how many people visit my blog)

Today a wasp of some type got in the house, and Ella stepped on it. I already told Mom and Dad about it, so it doesn't seem very exciting now. She cried for quite a while, ad learned a new word - "bug." I don't think she likes bugs.

Naysha caught a ladybug, and they decided to keep it as a pet. (need the eye-rolling smiley face)
It is named Gabriel. I think it's in the back entry, which has an open window to outside, so she can leave anytime she wants to.

Cedwryck has a bit of an earache. He woke up crying at 1am about his eyes not working. I figured it was a dream, but when I patted his head it was hot, so I got him Tylenol and a drink. This morning he said his ear hurt. But he'd rather go to the beach than to the doctor tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow. Bob has the night off! Those jokers cannot make a schedule to save my life. Er, I mean, their life.

Today I let Taryn make bread (in the bread machine). She got it all right, except she forgot to put the mixer paddle in first. I've done that before, myself. So I squished it through the flour, etc and got it in, and the bread turned out okay. It fell a little, but that just happens sometimes.

Basically the children grow up and I try to keep up.

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Anonymous said...

Ella sounded so woebegone with her "toe, bug." :( Give her a hug for me.

Poor Ced. Give him a hug too.

I didn't hear the part about the pet ladybug. That's hilarious! I hope it is the nice kind of ladybug -- the ladybugs (actually The Asian lady beetle imported to the U.S.A. in the 70s) that get into our house bite, leave little red puddles if stressed (that nothing has removed from our wood floors), and stink if squished. Yuck!