Monday, 21 April 2008


Just in case there was a doubt, we didn't do anything this weekend.
I was planning to go to the St George's Day festival at Kennilworth Castle, but then discovered that it's next weekend, not this one. (St George's Day is this Wednesday, so some places had things this weekend and some, next.) SO that took the wind out of the sails.
We deliberated some, and after lunch Sat we went to the base to get Bob a haircut. Wandered around a bit, had supper at Taco Bell, and came home.

Sat night Bob stayed up til 3, so he could sleep in Sun so he can go to work Sun night. So Sunday he slept til 11, and as we weren't all ready to go when he got up, we didn't go to church. I ironed his uniform and he played with his camera. The children played their computer and ran around.

Cedwryck's chicken pox are all but dried up, and as of yesterday he was clearly feeling fine. I did a phone consult with a nurse, and he said basically not to worry about spreading it, because most people are vaccinated, and those who aren't will get it sometime anyway; may as well get it now.

This morning Bob is supposed to see the commander about the other job. He's trying to convince himself it will be a good thing to have.

A note to ebayers - if you have a bunch of items about to close out, be online and check your messages! grrr. I bought a 'lot' of jeans for Ced, and the same person had another lot, and a PJ set that I might have bought, too, but she wouldn't answer my questions about combined shipping. That's the worst part about ebay lately - the shipping prices people charge. Anyway.

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