Thursday, 17 April 2008


I talked to Bob earlier and he said he's probably going to be the deployment manager guy. (I'm gonna have to learn the proper title). His shop chief doesn't want him to be the assistant, but he's the next ranking one there, so it'd be hard for him to NOT be the assistant shop chief... Unless he has another job. There will be some perks - no deployments, always on day shift, no stinky fuel. There will be some frustrations - no TDYs (that's short trips, like the one this summer to Iceland), have to come in for every recall, day or night.

But the change I'm talking about is a spiritual one.
I've been noticing a few gentle nudges lately about my attitude. It's so easy to gripe and groan and ask, "Why me?" But that is not the Christian attitude I ought to cultivate. I need to make an effort to be thankful, joyous, and overcome.
We finally got Bob's Resurrection Day present from Vision Forum - they sent it Priority Mail so I have no idea why it took so long - and there is a DVD set called the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. I watched the first one with the children last night, and Doug Phillips was talking about an entrepreneurial spirit. He said that no matter what your situation (if you are a master or a slave or servant), Christians ought to have the "can-do" work ethic that transforms, makes the best of, and sees around present circumstances.
I read a blog a few days ago about a woman who is learning, and making improvements in herself and her household, from difficulties in her pregnancy.
I'll probably never be able to explain how those things are related!
The most simple way I know to put it, is the attitude needs to be looking up.

My Dad would say here, "Your attitude determines your altitude."
I've tried really hard to not ever know anything about airplanes, but in spite of myself, I know what this means.

So no conclusion, just thinking out loud.

Whaddya know? It's 10pm and I was gonna make lunch for tomorrow before going to bed, because tomorrow I have to make BBQ sauce and a cake for Bob to take to work when he leaves at 1:30. I still don't know what to fix. hmmm Pancakes? Shouldn't be too fattening without any syrup... It's hard to get fat on what you won't eat...
Yeah, when I'm talking to myself and trying to make jokes and then I don't 'get' it, you know I'm too tired to be typing.


S.A.M. said...

Cool, does this mean Bob won't be deployed next year? Crossing my fingers. Oh and before I forget, Tuesday night I dreamnt you were pregnant with a boy. I have no idea why I dreamnt that, but it felt so real. Anyhoo, have a nice Friday!

MamaOlive said...

Yes, if he gets this job he will not deploy next year. THere are some good things with it, but he does feel it's an insult because "they" want him out of the shop.

How funny that you should dream about me! I don't think I am pregnant yet.