Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Bodily functions

#1 Taryn has chicken pox.
She was vaccinated several years ago, but it seems to have not helped.

#2 Sunday, when the neighbors were over, the little girl had to use the toilet, and while they were showing her, Cedwryck decided to go, too. He came running out of the house shouting, "I went to the loo!" We usually say "I went to the bathroom," but he picked up the British word from the neighbor.

#3 Riah's pull-up leaked Sunday night, so his sleeping clothes and his blanket (in which he had wrapped himself) were all wet and had to be taken to the dirty clothes pile.

#4 Yesterday Cedwryck had to use the toilet, but Riah chased him down the hall and pestered him so he didn't make it in time. I heard a wail, and there was Ced with his pants and the rug soaked, plus a little spray around the toilet, and the best part - someone had been messing with stuff in the bathroom and got the box with toothbrushes off the shelf and in the middle of the floor; you guessed it, it was full of pee, too. I took the whole box and threw it away, picked up both rugs, took Ced's clothes, wiped off the toilet and floor.

Remember we don't have a washer right now?

#5 That afternoon Riah came in from outside to use the toilet. He didn't make it in time, so his clothes had to be added to the growing dirty clothes pile, and the "little bathroom" had to be mopped.

#6 (Yes, it keeps going!) After dinner, Ella took off her diaper, unbeknownst to us. As I sat down to read Robin Hood, she climbed up on my lap. After a second, I noticed a nice warm sensation on my leg, checked, and saw it was wet. hmm. So I got up and Bob asked if I needed help. He cleaned off the couch while I and Ella went to change. My skirt, slip, and shirt all went to the dirty clothes mountain. Then we took Ella's dress off and discovered it wasn't a leaking diaper, it was a missing diaper.

I think that was all... Can't wait to get the new washer today.

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