Thursday, 17 April 2008

may as well post something

We passed the inspection.

Cedwryck appears to have chicken pox.

Bob is going to mid shift next week, and day shift (classes again) the week following that.

The sideview mirror on the van fell off again.

Bob may be leaving the fuel shop. Either he or one other guy will go be the mobility something-or-other. That is the person who checks the paperwork of those deploying and makes sure they have everything they need.

Now that we have all the important stuff out of the way...
We put William in his highchair at lunch (to get him used to it), and I fixed him a sippy cup of juice and water. I tried to give him a drink and he turned away, so I went into the kitchen to get the food, and when I came back, Riah was holding the cup for William and he was sipping away. Oh well.

We over-reacted for the home "inspection," I think, but it's all good. Those stacks of things that we couldn't quite figure out what to do with suddenly found homes. The stubborn spots on the kitchen counter finally came off. The girls found a place for all their clothes. The place looks really good for now. Well, actually, for up to an hour prior to now.

After "the guy" left and Bob went to work, I realized we were "caught up" and so we went to the park. (It's 45* and partly sunny). Riah had to dump all the shoes out into the hall in order to find a pair. Then, after playing an hour we came home to eat, and all our coats are laying on the floor. Cleaning while children are young is like shoveling while it's still snowing.

I grocery shopped online today. It felt good to not go to the commissary. I'd looked at the website a couple of times in the last few days, but it was really slow and so I just moved on. But this morning I got an email from them for 10GBP off an order of 50 or more, so I tried it, and today it was running smooth. We'll see how it goes; supposed to deliver between 9and 11am tomorrow.

The children are "still hungry" so I guess I'll chat later.


S.A.M. said...

Have the other children already been vaccinated with the varicella vacine, so they won't come down with it as well? I still remember as a kid, being sent to play with my brother to the neighbor kid's house to get chicken pox. Oh I tried to avoid Anthony Moro, but I got infected a week later. Luckily I was in kindergarten so it wasn't too bad. Hope Ced's not too itchy.

MamaOlive said...

Taryn was vaccinated before I learned where the vaccination comes from. I don't think Naysha was, and I know the rest aren't. The only one I'm worried about is William, and he's supposed to be living on my immunities, so I hope that works.
Ced isn't really itchy "yet" but we got some medicine anyway.
Wil, Heather, and I all got it just after moving to Texas. What a stressful time that was!