Monday, 31 March 2008

Yesterday was fun

I woke up 'early' as usual Sunday morning, and was reading through some blogs that I keep up with. One is of a military wife in Germany, and she mentioned off-hand that they were changing their clocks forward Saturday night. Hmmm, I wonder if we do, too? No one at work mentioned it. So I checked Bob's cell phone, and it hadn't changed. Oh, but the computer clock had. So to be sure I searched it and found an article about the time change on BBC's weather site. Aha! Last Sunday in March - yep, that's today!

So we got ready for church in plenty of time, but as we headed out the door I thought maybe white socks weren't the thing to wear with my black skirt and black shoes. (On a forum I visit there is a smiley that slaps himself in the forehead - that thing sure is handy.) So I went back to look for black socks (didn't find any, so ended up going without), and Bob came to lock up after I left. As we were on the way out the second time the phone rang. It was work. Someone had gotten a DUI (driving under the influence - here they call it "drink driving") and the whole squadron had to come in, in dress blues, for a lecture at 4pm.

Anyway, on to church. We went to Mildenhall Baptist again. They were about 1/2 full as this was some event weekend, but still a decent service. Got out at noon, then went to RAF Mildenhall for lunch at Taco Bell. After lunch, which included two full rounds of bathroom visits, including Cedwryck leaking on his pants and therefore going to the car in just his top and diaper, we came back home for Bob to get his blues together. Now, being a maintainer, Bob usually wears BDU's (or whatever they call them nowadays - the camouflage uniform). But, at the school he's been in the last 2 weeks they have everyone wear blues (the uniform that looks like a nice suit) on the last day of the month, so he had it mostly out and ready to go already.

So he dressed up all pretty, and the rest of us changed into comfy shoes. The children played outside for about an hour, as it was sunny and over 50*. We left about 3, and Bob went to his shop for the pre-lecture discussion, and I took the children to the commissary. I found a really good description of shopping with 6 children here. It actually wasn't terrible this time. I got some produce that still looks edible, some of our favorite cereal was on sale, and I saved $2 on toilet paper because someone ripped the package unloading the crate. So we got all done, in spite of William crying at the checkout and everyone else going to the toilet (well, Except Ella, who played with the cash register tape printer on the empty register behind me). Loaded into the car and waited for Bob to call. (Aren't we glad I got a cell phone?)

We'd seen several people in blues in the commissary, so I figured the lecture was over, but Bob wasn't calling. Finally I figured I'd give it a shot in case he misprogrammed my number into his phone. He didn't answer, but called back a few minutes later. Yeah, he was done, but he'd get a ride to the commissary.

When he made it over it was nearly 5 (when we normally have dinner), but we weren't really hungry. So we went to the airplane display and I tried to take his picture and he took mine. They are on flikr now. Then we got to thinking about the groceries, and decided to get burgers at the drive through (since I didn't think to get bread and lunchmeat) and take the stuff home. 5 plain cheeseburgers, please! 1 whopper no mayo, one chicken sandwich no mayo. 10 minutes later we were on the road.

At home Bob ate his burger and changed. William got to lay on the floor! He was so happy.
Then we called a lady who had a set of dishes advertised on the base website, and went to go get them. She lives on the other side of Newmarket, so it wasn't too far. Now I have a complete service for 8! Woohoo!

It was about 8 when we got home, so we readied the children for bed, and relaxed a few minutes before falling asleep. (I actually fell asleep on the couch before 10.)

I guess all my 6-hour nights caught up with me, because I slept straight through to the alarm this morning, and I barely heard it.

what a day.


Anonymous said...

Did the dishes match, pattern, maker, etc.? jc

MamaOlive said...

Yes. Gibson stoneware (nothing fancy) and the dishes were all there - plate, dessert plate, cup, saucer, and napkin rings. Also most of the matching silverware was included. $20 for the set. We already had plenty of dinner plates, but were lacking in some of the other things.

Ganeida said...

Still reading.

I hate daylight saving & am pleased to live in a state that doesn't meddle with the clocks. Haven't these people heard of getting up earlier if you want more daylight hours?

MamaOlive said...

Ha! I never saw the point of it, myself. America changed their dates last year, and that only made it more confusing.