Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Sunday we went to Soham Baptist Church. They had small pews, so we had to split up - Bob and two children across the aisle from the rest of us. It wasn't too bad until William dirtied his diaper and I had to go change him. I plainly told Riah and Naysha to sit still and hush, and I'd be right back. Well, I hadn't got the diaper off yet when Naysha showed up in the nursery. She had to go to the bathroom. (I wish I had the emoticons here; I'd do a nice rolling-eye one.) So, fine. Then, when I was almost finished, Bob and Riah showed up. Apparently Riah decided to pee, too, but Taryn wouldn't let him out of the pew, so he got noisy. And anyone who has seen Riah has heard him, and knows how loud he truly is. (now it's time for a blushing smiley) So I finish the diaper, and took Riah back to the sanctuary. They were doing a children's talk, and Taryn and Naysha were at the front, so I slid in with Bob (who was now back in my pew). After the talk was "Sunday club" - Sunday school - and since there wasn't room for us all to sit down, Bob said the girls could go. (Now somebody tell me why they need both the children's talk, and the Sunday school.) I figured I'd better go to, just in case, and Bob said that was fine.
The girls were in different classes, so I went with Naysha (I had William with me). It was typical Sunday school stuff; not anything "wrong," just not a lot "right" either. When class was over we headed back down stairs to meet up with Bob and the boys. I didn't think he would be very happy with the situation, and he wasn't, but the people were very friendly and chatty. They kept coming over to talk, and really held conversations beyond "How nice to see you." So we were there for a while visiting, and finally made our escape.
Bob said the preaching was good, and he didn't feel lost in the crowd, but if we went back we'd have to try to balcony so we could sit together.

Afterwards we went to Lakenheath for lunch. We tried to golf club, as it has a steakhouse that is rumored to be decent, but they aren't open on the weekends. (Somebody explain THAT to me!) So we went to Burger King. yay. When we got home we changed shoes and went to the park in Cheveley. The children played a while, and then we walked across the field and through the woods that run alongside. That was fun, but a little chilly when out of the sun. When we got home the neighbor lady was taking out her trash (our pick-up is Monday morning) and she said it was supposed to storm. So we took out our trash, and I collected the laundry form the line.

Sure enough, it was raining and quite windy when we got up Monday morning. Monday was typical. Cook, clean, catch up.

Today it stopped raining, and we went outside after lunch (well, about 3pm). I went, too, to trim a hedge I'd missed last time. Then Taryn wanted to trim, so I let her do the one in front of the house (that was supposed to have been torn down in January to make a new parking spot) while the other children and I pulled weeds from the gravel that runs alongside the path from the front to the back door. So that was fun.

I got a veg box today, and it has some exciting new things to try. Leeks. Eggplant (they call it aubergine). And Jerusalem artichokes. I've never had any of those before. There was supposed to be a "purple sprouting broccoli" but I guess they ran out because I had regular broccoli. Also I got a funny-looking squash instead of the predicted cabbage. (This along with the normal potatoes, carrots, onions, swede, and a zucchini.) So I get to try some new stuff this week. The children poke through the box as if it's a Christmas present.

We seem to be getting runny noses. Taryn has a sore throat as well. We think my parents are sending it over the email.

So, 'nuff for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh such fun you have. Hope you all don't get sick. I've watched a show on TLC "Jon & Kate plus 8" I think the name is. They have twin girls and sextuplets, eight children under six or seven years old. They were all sick and throwning up. It was wild. jc

Anonymous said...

I've tried not to cough on the computer or on the phone. LOL