Saturday, 8 March 2008

Thursday and Friday

Thursday I went shopping. If we could stop eating, I would definitely stop shopping. It just wears me out. Bob left for work at 1:15, and we started getting ready to go. Out the door at 10 til 2. I made the drive with no incidents, in spite of the constant chatter from the backseat.
First stop, post office to check mail and send my Pampered Chef skillet back. That took a few minutes, but wasn't any trouble. I went by the referral office because I need to fill out some paperwork there for Riah to see a heart doctor, but they have moved. It would be too far for me to go and leave the children in the car, and too difficult to get them all out for such a short trip. So I decided not to. I do need to call and ask them to mail me the forms. A car parked on the edge of the parking lot (which is small enough anyway) and I barely made it out of my parking space (hard to describe, but this car was right in the spot I needed to back into). I did a 6 point turn and got out of there.
Next stop, the bank. We finally got the check from the landlord to cover the heating oil we bought last month, and needed to cash it. The bank doesn't really have a parking lot, but is across the street from the BX, which has a big lot (shared with the chapel). The first 3 rows closest to the bank were all full, so I just parked in the middle of the lot and loaded up the stroller. We all went to the bank - there was no line so that was easy.
Then we all went to the BX. I don't like the BX to begin with because there is an "Art" store in the front (in the food court) that always has a nudey picture up front where anyone can see it. Freedom of expression aside, some people choose not to look at stuff like that, and it should be kept in the back of the shop. But it's the only place to get some things. So we struggled in, got a cart that Cedwryck sat in and Taryn pushed, found the kitchen aisle and bought a casserole dish. Then we stopped by office supplies for a pencil sharpener on our way to the electronics where I bought a new cordless mouse for Bob's laptop. Okay! We got everything we need, let's get out of there. But no. The children are hungry. It's 3:15. But they are HUNGry. Fine.
I ordered a pizza and the girls filled the cups with water, we had a bathroom break, and then we ate a large pizza and a dozen breadsticks. I could feel the grease clogging my pores as I ate.
Now it's after 4 and we get to go the main event: the commissary.
I really don't want to talk about it. We got our stuff, and it was dark by the time we left. Oh! In the bread isle a woman said hi to me. She had seen us at church Sunday, but didn't make it over in the crowd. I told her we lived near Newmarket, and she asked if we'd tried the church in Soham, as it might be closer than Mildenhall. So I thanked her for the info.

We finally made it home, brought in most of the stuff without incident, and I made us a strawberry shake with my new blender. Yumm. Only, Ella wouldn't try it, and when I offered her a bite, she flipped the spoon with her hand, and got shake all down her leg, on her shoe, and the floor. So I had to clean her up, and she got upset, and I got upset because the rag I had put on the counter for such a time had disappeared. We finished up and the children went to bed. I was emotionally drained and so fed my flesh a bit with a bowl of ice cream and some computer time.
Then I went to bed.

Friday Bob told me that his commander has decided they have to take the run/situp/pushup test every quarter instead of once a year. So he will be working out all the time instead of just trying to get through the test. So I get the benefit of eye candy, but will have less time to look at it.

I was still feeling grumpy and lazy when I got up Friday morning, but then I went looking at some blogs and got preached at. I was reminded that housework isn't my job that I get done so I can move on to my life - it IS my life, my calling, my reasonable service, my glorifying of God. Yikes! I better get it going!
I spent a lot of time in the kitchen Friday, making bread for supper, a full lunch, muffins for today's breakfast, and a meat dish for today or tomorrow (I'd got the meat out of the freezer and so I had to do something with it).

It was sunny, so the children went outside to play, but Taryn had to do schoolwork after she came in. She's going along with division, and learning a bit of grammar, as well as science and history.

It's time for breakfast, so I guess that'll do for today.

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