Wednesday, 26 March 2008

New phone

I got my new phone yesterday. (Click on the link if you want to see it.) Opened up the box, put in the battery and charged it up. Finally it was time to use the thing. I read through the owner's guide, and it says there is a number lock, which is a good thing because it's the "candy bar" style. "To turn on the lock, press and hold the * key, then press 'yes.' To turn off the lock, press 'unlock.'" The only problem is, it comes locked, and there is no "unlock" button. Hmm. I read the manual again, I tried many combinations of buttons, I went to the website and read about the phone there. I was getting frustrated. But Bob found a review site, and in one of the reviews someone was complaining about the unlock feature, and to point out how bad it was they said how to do it. Yay! After the second try I got it to unlock.

So then I set it up with my home number and Bob's cell phone number, and made a trial call home. "hello, this is Taryn... Hi Taryn...Hi Mama...Bye Taryn." And this cost me 16cents. But now Bob doesn't feel bad about dropping me off at the commissary. Peace of mind is everything.

I'm SO not awake yet. Maybe I'll get more later. :-)


Anonymous said...

After getting it to unlock, did you go back and find it in the manual? Those situations are bad when you know it has to be possible but you can't find it. jc

MamaOlive said...

No, it's not in the manual. All you have to do is push the left 'menu' key, then the *. It's kinda weird, cause I can program a security code, but the unlock stays the same. Now I know what to do it's no problem. :)