Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Catching up

I'm afraid this will be a bit random, so hang in there.

Saturday Bob was in bed by 3, and sort of woke up when I got up at 6, and sort of indicated he wanted me to wait and we'd go to town together when he got up. So we played quietly til 10:30, then we got our shoes on and headed out. First, lunch - Taco Bell, I think. Then we got groceries and brought the home, then we drove to Cambridge. (hey, it comes back as I write! I couldn't remember what we'd done.) There we saw a McDonalds and a Pizza Hut, and Bob went in a computer store while I stayed in the car with the sleeping ones. Then we turned around and came straight back out. Cambridge seems to be one of those places you don't want to just drive around in. It might not be bad with a good map, but England doesn't have those. We've decided next time we will do the "park and ride" thing outside the city.

Sunday we went to Soham Baptist church again. We sat in the balcony so we could all sit together, and stayed through church. Yay! William lay on the floor (on a blanket) for a long time, fell asleep without making a peep, and then woke up hungry but not fussy. He's so awesome. They did the children's talk again (I guess they do it every week). This week has Palm Sunday - "Hosanna" = "Deliver us!" (or Save us!) - children's talk about "save the planet." So the pastor introduced the talk with saving the physical planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle... Asked the children what they'd been taught at school about "save the planet." One said, "Walk instead of drive." Good one. There were a couple more. Then one little boy piped up, "Reduce the population!" Say what?! A laugh rippled across the audience, and pastor said, "We'll not talk about that one yet." Bob and I sat there thinking, "Yet another reason our children are homeschooled." What's the point of saving planet earth if there are no people to enjoy it? "Environmentalists" are so backwards in their thinking, but they sure are making 'progress.' I hear the Pope has issued a new 7 deadly sins list, and #1 is pollution. So if a man drives to work in order to provide for his family, he's committing a deadly sin? Kill people, save the planet! Makes me sick.

After church we went to Mildenhall for lunch, and to scout out where Bob's class is. We ate Taco Bell again. We've decided Taco Bell makes our children hyper, and Bob and I a little edgy. Yech. We both can see how much better we feel when we eat healthier foods, and lots of vegetables.

Speaking of, I've lost 7 pounds in the last 5 weeks. Not spectacular, but it's a start. William is flourishing, so I think I'm balancing things well.

Yesterday Bob was home at 3:30, and he got a 90 minute lunch break. It's like having a desk job! The military is supposed to be so uniform, but it's just not. People who "work on" people, whether medical or paperwork or what, work form 8-3, and have a lunch break, time out from work to do PT (physical training), no weekends, and 'down days' at least once a month for training. People who work on equipment (maintainers, crew chiefs, etc) work one of 3 shifts (open 24 hours), and each shift is 10 hours long; they don't get lunch, they have to do PT on their own time, they keep going all weekend, and there is no 'down day.' Grrrr.

Yesterday I did laundry, supervised cleaning of the bathroom, made chili and cornbread for supper, hung curtains in the girls' room, sorted all our sheets and blankets, had school, and started to iron Bob's dress shirts. But the iron wouldn't work right - it poured water out a hole instead of streaming. So I told Bob that, and it worked fine for him. Oh well, I guess we have a winner. (Bob gets to iron.)

Today, I better get busy or I will have nothing to show. I want to make sugar cookies tomorrow.

Oh, we started reading Robin Hood last night. It's fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray for losing the pounds! keep it up.