Friday, 21 March 2008

Shoe part two

Yesterday was pretty rainy. But, having put it off for awhile, Bob changed the oil in the van anyway. I made sugar cookies. (I'd made the dough Tuesday, thinking I would bake them Wed, paint Thurs, and send them to work with Bob Friday. Oh well.) We all worked out together. Bob discovered why the storage building is leaking (it comes in the walls).
Then about 4pm we decided to go to the base. We thought it might be nice to have something special for Resurrection Sunday dinner.

So we got coats and shoes... We looked for Ella a pair, but I guess that's the one size we didn't save. So onto Lakenheath. First to eat at the golf club. There was a wait for a table, but we decided to go for it. We won't again soon. The service wasn't great, to say the least. Everyone got corn with their meal, and it was pretty gross. Bob said it must be deer corn. Dry, tough, no flavor. But, oh well, we all got to eat. Then to the commissary where Bob dropped me off to get steaks and hot dogs, and a roasting chicken in case it rains.
When we pulled up there, the sideview mirror - my side - the one that got hit last month - went POP and fell off. Well, not fell, because it was dangling by a wire. Not the mirror itself, but the whole assembly.

Then to the BX, where Bob dropped me and Ella off to look for shoes. They have $10 baby shoes (size birth to 9 months). They have $10 children's shoes. But toddler shoes? The cheapest one was $22. I started to just walk away, but then thought about carrying Ella through another castle, so I went back. They didn't have any her size anyway.
Bob sent Taryn in after me to ask for super glue (for the mirror), but it was just too wet to try to glue it.

So then we went back home. We decided to stop back in the driveway where we lost the shoe and pick it back up. Maybe it'll dry out and be usable. It's pretty muddy, but I guess it's better than nothing.

When we got on the 'highway' and got over 50MPH, the mirror started banging around pretty hard. Bob said something about scratching the side of the van - I was worried it might break the window. So I rolled my window down a little and held it until we got to the exit (we took the first exit); then we went slow enough that it didn't bang around.

Whew. We made it home. Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it to step out my front door.

So Bob is back at work today, and tomorrow we plan to go to Kenilworth Castle. They are having some medieval actor people there for the holiday weekend. It just occurred to me that we should have filled up with gas last night. argh. Sometimes we just don't think! I hope we get it figured out before we start having company.


Ganeida said...

Olive, I am still reading, just speechless at the pace of your life.

Anonymous said...

I admire you for getting out, doing, seeing, experiencing. Maybe it comes from our taking you sightseeing to Mt. Fuji when you were about 10 days old!

But I do remember being overwhelmed sometimes with the logistics of getting three children ready to go. Double that and WOW! You do very well.

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, guys. It makes a world of difference when we can keep our attitudes right.

Come on, now Ganeida! You, speechless? ;-) And you know you stay busy, too.