Friday, 28 March 2008


I've been missing in action.

Not a lot of excitement the last few days. It has been raining more or less all week, except for a few hours after I finally brought the blankets in off the clothes line. ha.
Wednesday night I was going to put the steaks in the freezer, when Bob said he'd rather grill in the rain than have to freeze good steaks. So last night we had a feast. Bob grilled a T-bone for himself, a ribeye for me, and hot dogs for the children. I made "Old fashioned pan rolls" (with about half whole wheat flour), baked cauliflower with cheese, and tossed salad. Ummmm, good. I was stuffed! Didn't even want dessert.

After dinner Bob went to the digital camera club. He missed last month because of work, but since he's on days this week he was able to go. They asked him to speak to the club in two months. I guess he'll be able to get away from work for that.
His class is almost over. As part of the class time they had to do a CLEP (test for college credit) in a subject of their choice. Bob only lacks Algebra for his Associates Degree, so he tried that. He did some studying, but all the college level study material tells how to do the problem, but not why. So Bob will sit and talk to the tutorials, "WHY?" He says on the test he mostly guessed "C." :-)

Well, Bob just called (1pm) and he's already done for the day, plus returned books to the library, got mail, and filled the van with gas. So he'll be home soon.

I'm trying to find something to do tomorrow. Maybe we'll go to Castle Rising Castle, and then on to Wells-next-the-sea. Or maybe not. We'd talked about going to London, to the Science Museum that Zane liked so well when he was 9, and maybe even watching the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race there tomorrow evening, but we haven't worked up sufficient excitement for that yet. To get to London we would drive an hour, then park, get our gear, buy tickets, and ride the Tube for another hour. Yikes! Not much scenery on the Tube. But that's the cheapest way, as you are charged to drive into London now, and the trains are a little high, too. So anyway.

I've been doing reading of other blogs, and some ebaying (bought Taryn 2 dresses).

Last night the children got into the water. We keep our filter pitcher on the counter for easy drinking, and "someone" decided to mop or something. Anyway the floor was quite wet. So I mopped it up. Then later it was even more wet, and I still hadn't got a drink! Now there is a baby gate across the kitchen doorway. I know, the sign of ill-trained children. But it will keep things neater while they are in training.

We got Ella's new shoes yesterday. We got them out of the box and when Ella came in the room she was so excited. She shouted, "shoes! babblebibblebobbleME!" Or something like that.

I guess that'll do for now.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad children can still get excited about new shoes.

The trip into London does seem a bit tedious. I'm sure you will tackle it sooner or later.


Ganeida said...

Olive, my girl, it is only an hour & all you have to do (more or less) is hop in a car & go! Try this exercise with twins in twin stroller, one hyper 5 year old & a baby in a sling getting on & off a ferry where everything has to be lifted on & off (NOT walk on) & travel by sea BEFORE you can start travelling for your hour or so! lol. I am so sympathetic! ;)Actually I liked London ~ only we always seemed to be passing through on our way to somewhere else. Enjoy your opportunities while you have them.

MamaOlive said...

Yeah, I know. I can make brushing teeth sound difficult. grin.

We will be going "sometime," no doubt. Driving still makes Bob nervous, so we are trying to stay within the 1 1/2 hour drive time. At his camera club meeting a man drove in from the other side of Cambridge - he said 2 hours of driving here is as tiring as 10 hours of driving in Australia.

It's 6:20 and the suns out! We'll see.