Tuesday, 18 March 2008

pack rats

Yes, three posts in one day. Sorry.

I have two pack rats in my house. They walk on two legs and only have hair on their heads, and no tails.

Yesterday I went to get a mixing bowl out of the cabinet, and it was full. A couple of books, a doll, and misc small toys.

Today I went to fix the min-blinds in the living room that "someone" had 'broken' (Boy, I wish I could catch "someone" - he sure causes a lot of trouble), and happened to glance down. In the space behind the couch, between the 2 radiators, was a lovely pile. So I pulled the sofa out and looked closer - there was the missing new pencil sharpener, my slotted serving spoon, a pencil, and who knows what else. LOL

on another, but similar topic, I went into the kitchen to mix up some sugar cookie dough, and noticed it smelled pretty good in there. Next, I noticed a brown spot on the inside of the (open) dishwasher door. Hmm, it should be clean. As I continued my investigation, I saw an empty vanilla bottle on the counter, and that the soap compartment of the dishwasher was also full of brown liquid. hmmm indeed. So I called Riah into the kitchen and asked him to tell me about the empty bottle. He "didn't do it." Didn't do what? "Didn't drink all that." Oh, mercy! I hope not. Vanilla is what, 20% alcohol min? So I called Cedwryck in. He also "Didn't do it." But what he "didn't do" was pour the vanilla into the dishwasher. Aha! We have a suspect! So I drug a confession out of him, explained about the soap compartment, etc. Good thing he's so cute.


Anonymous said...

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. I'm glad I can read about and enjoy your "pack-rats," your "someones," and your "I didn't do its" and not have to deal with the discipline! Enjoy them! mums

MamaOlive said...

Oh, I enjoy it, too.

I didn't much care for 'someone' eating the 1 1/2 cups of shredded mozzarella that I was going to use for dinner last night, though. Argh!

Mrs. Simonsays said...

Hmm... did you know that ferrets are packrats? They will find treasures and confiscate them to a little hiding place that only they know of. Could be a child is harboring one? LOL I'm sure they're not, but it would be a good excuse wouldn't it?
Thanks for stopping by my new blog!