Sunday, 30 March 2008

By the way

Somehow or other I forgot to mention...

LAST Friday (the 21st) the thermostat on Bob's car went out on his way to work. He got a new one, but didn't have enough water to fill the radiator, but watched it on his way home. When he got home he left the car running and went to put in more water (so it would circulate), but the cap blew off when he opened it, burning his hand a little. He's looked for the cap twice, and Taryn looked once, but they didn't find it. So since then he's been driving the minivan to work.

THIS Friday Bob went over to the fuel shop to see how things are going. They've sent a lot of people TDY (temporary duty yonder) and so are undermanned (what's new?). So now they only have 2 shifts - 6 to 6. Guess which one Bob will be on when he goes back to work Wednesday? Yep! 6pm to 6am. People really don't understand that he has SIX CHILDREN at home all day. Including two boys who like to jump. Oh well. The school was sure nice while it lasted, but Tuesday it will be over.

My apologies to Bob and any car people if I got the details wrong on the thermostat thing.

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