Saturday, 22 March 2008


I guess we made the right decision about not going to the castle today. It snowed all morning, and most of the afternoon. It was not quite cold enough to stick, but would have been a cold, messy day outside.
As it was, we enjoyed the flakes from the windows. At times it would come down very hard, then it would be sunny, then sleet, then snow again.

We did go to the base after lunch to get a new ironing board, since the old one broke. I also got a new Charles Wysocki puzzle. That was my Resurrection Day present that I picked out. Then Bob said he wanted to get me a cell phone, too. So when we got home I picked out a phone from Tesco is a grocery store chain that has its own mobile phone service.

Cedwryck is continuing his habit of getting into stuff. Today he ate 3 cookies (and took one bite out of the remaining ones), helped himself to a boiled egg (cracking it on the pudding pie crust in the fridge), brushed his teeth with great gobs of our toothpaste, and to top it off... We have a Vicks (as in Vap -o-rub) humidifier, and it has a place you can pour Vicks vapors so that it clears your sinuses as it moisturizes. Well, he got the bottle of vapors (think menthol concentrate) and poured it out in the bathtub, apparently in an attempt to wash a toy. So our bathroom is nice and smelly. As is the hallway, where Riah dripped back and forth twice, to show us the toy that Cedwryck "dropped in..." "Dropped in what?" "I'll have to show you." The rule is, if you don't know what it is, leave it alone!

Bob made dinner tonight! Chicken nuggets, veges, and chips. Yumm. I made the pudding pie, and got the marinade on the chicken for tomorrow.

Bed time.


Mrs. Simonsays said...

It snowed here in Chicago last weekend too! We got about 6 inches and it was covering the ground for resurrection Sunday.

MamaOlive said...

Isn't that strange? Snow all across the US, England, Germany...

Our children enjoyed it, but now they want it to warm up so they can ride bikes.