Monday, 3 March 2008


Saturday we went to a "travel fair" sponsored by the base ITT office (that's Information, Tickets, and Tours). It was held in the officers' club, and as we approached the building we realized how popular this event was. No parking. So we decided to let me go in, and Bob would do something else. Turned out he went to the car parts place to submit a request for a price quote on a new side-view mirror, and washed the car.
I went in and was overwhelmed by the size of the event. They had a drawing for prizes, but to enter I had to get stamps on a paper from all the vendors, thus assuring each vendor got lots of visits. So I walked through as quickly as possible, collecting stamps and brochures. I'm guessing there were 50 vendors, each with some tourist info for me to bring home.

After that we went to the village of Feltwell to buy a secondhand reclining loveseat, which we strapped on top of the van. Then back to Lakenheath for lunch at Taco Bell.

Then home. We unloaded the couch, then Bob mowed the grass and I picked up some dead leaves that were piled by the front door. The children played outside until dinner.

Sunday we went back to the Mildenhall Baptist church, then to RAFMildenhall for lunch at Burger King. We went driving before coming home, stopping to take pictures of a church or two, and some pheasants and horses.

Sorry this post has no personality. It's very noisy in here right now and I can't think.


Ganeida said...

You need more practise. lol. I wrote a novel through that sort of bedlam. I can be very focused. :)

Anonymous said...

Still sounds good to me. Did you buy the loveseat with recliner new or used?jc

MamaOlive said...

We bought a used reclining loveseat from a couple that is leaving the military and going back to the US.

I am getting lots of practice! William is helping right now. :)