Thursday, 6 March 2008

So I don't do well under pressure

After I got everyone to assure me that my blog is checked daily, I slowed down. How typical! But you insist you like me anyway, so I'll keep trying. :-)

Monday was typical Monday - we were tired, the house was a mess, no bread made, etc.

Tuesday while I was doing phonics with the children, Cedwryck really surprised me. He says the name and sound of the letters along with Riah and Naysha (mostly repeating what they say), but he was the one of the three who thought of words starting with the sound. Maybe he thinks like his Mama - has to have an example or it doesn't make sense. At lunch Tuesday we had a casserole type thing (wasn't very good) and half-way through the meal we heard a PoP! We all looked around, "what was that?" And then Bob saw it - my Pampered Chef glazed (9x13) Rectangle Baker was broken. There was a crack right down one side. I almost cried. I'd bought the thing in Iceland, so I guess 7 years or so isn't a bad service life for a pan, but Boo Hoo!
Speaking of Pampered Chef, I had been in contact with them about where to send in my skillet since the non-stick was wearing off, and when I realized I'd lost my receipt I figured I was out of luck. But they said I can send it in anyway! That's pretty cool. (The skillet has a lifetime warranty - the stone only had 3 years.)
Tuesday night William was grumpy and wanted to be held constantly. This is very unusual for him, but I didn't see anything to be worried about.

Wednesday morning William was very content again, and wasn't even fussing to be fed. I fed him anyway, and holding him afterwards he was holding my finger and chewing on it when I felt something sharp. Not being sure if it was fingernail or tooth, I looked and there they were! Two teeth - bottom center.
We almost got caught up on laundry and cleaning. We got our boxes from CBD that we ordered so the children can have presents on Resurrection Day. But still no box from Vision Forum that we ordered a few weeks earlier. I'm afraid they didn't insure the package, which means it's fair game for any military postal worker. At least that's the way it seemed in Iceland - if it was insured it came right away, but if not it was likely to be "lost." Well, if it is stolen, maybe the thief will watch the DVDs and repent.
Bob also got a camera lens. We wondered about that one, too. Bob had been shopping for this particular lens, and finally decided this place was the best price. So we were both looking when he clicked on "buy now", and filled in the info to pay. Funny thing, neither of us realized that he'd bought the Canon lens instead of the Nikon! We saw it in the confirmation email, though, so called the company to ask if they could switch it. In the checkout process the website said free shipping. It had a place for AE so it wasn't like we tried to manipulate it by putting in NY, like we have to do sometimes. Anyway, when I called the guy said no problem on switching to Nikon, did we want to buy a filter? No, just the lens. Oh, he says, we can't do free shipping to AE - that's only for UPS shipping within the 48. It'll be an extra $30. Even with that, it is cheaper than the other places, but I'm frustrated because the checkout didn't catch it. So he says he can do it for $25, and do I want a filter? No extra shipping to include a filter. No, thanks. We had the Nikon page up, and I repeated the item number so there would be no mistakes, and then I noticed that the Nikon was listed cheaper than the Canon. He said "Oh, that is a mistake! Someone is fixing it right now; refresh the page and you will see it is the same price now". Sure enough. So to help with that mistake he lowers the shipping price to $20. Do I want to pay with PayPal or credit card over the phone. I opt for Paypal; he says he'll send us an invoice. Okay, if we don't want a filter we are all done.
(This story is getting long!)
So the next day we still have no invoice for the shipping, so we call them again (I think we checked our account and it said the order was on hold). They were confused because Paypal is registered under my email, and Bob ordered the lens with his email. So the lady said she would "take care of that." The next couple of days the order was "processing" - but still no request for shipping $$. I was ready to call again and see what was going on when the website said the order had shipped. So we never did have to pay for the shipping. Go figure.

Tuesday Bob got the rest of our cordless phone that he bought from a guy who is leaving. (Did I talk about that before?) He also gave Bob a nightlight and a line splitter for the phone line. Last night I decided I may as well plug in the nightlight. So I stick it in, turn on the outlet (every outlet has an on/off switch), and it goes POP!! (louder than the pan breaking pop) and the light went out. So I turn off the switch and unplug it. Then I notice that the nightlight in the hall is out, too. That thing flipped the circuit breaker! So I got a flashlight and flipped the circuit back on - no fuses blown or anything.

And that brings us back up to date.


MamaOlive said...

Okay. I can't see where to edit the post now. The CBD should give the following link: They have good prices on Christian books, music, and gifts. Only problem is it's too big (they try to please everyone) so browsing doesn't work very well - you have to have a good idea of what you want to look for.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I read/look everyday. I think I would leave all the electrical for Bob to plug in, ha. jc

Anonymous said...

I also read every post; enjoy them immensely. Your blurb at the top says it all: "The(mis)adventures..."

I don't post here very often, I have trouble reading the "word verification" thingy; usually have to do it at least twice.

MamaOlive said...

I'm just glad I learned a long time ago how to laugh at life. This would be a lot worse if I took it seriously.

Sorry you have trouble with the word verification. I don't think I can switch that off.