Monday, 10 March 2008

I can't believe I did that

I dislike mushrooms. As a child, if my mother accidentally put mushrooms in anything (I know she'd never do such a thing on purpose!), I would sift and sort through my plate to be sure I didn't ingest one of those awful creatures.
Bob likes mushrooms. He will occasionally get them as a side when we eat out. When I started the veg box delivery, most boxes came with some mushrooms, so I've been cooking them for Bob. The children won't touch them, and I don't blame them.


Today I was making spaghetti for lunch, and I thought about those 'shrooms in the fridge, and how a lot of the bottled sauces have them, and before I could stop myself I had chopped up 4 or 5 of those fungi and put them in the skillet to simmer in the sauce!
It just so happened that none of the children saw me. Bob did, though. He thinks it was a combination of desire to please him and desire to be healthy by including more vege-type stuff.

So half-way through lunch Bob says, "Not bad, even with mushrooms." Everyone started looking for mushrooms on the table. Taryn got it, but the others just brushed off the idea. I finally spelled it out for Naysha. They took it well, and even had seconds. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Try it again, you will acquire a taste for them. I wouldn't eat anything green except green beans until I was way up in my 20's. Now I love it all except maybe spinach and lima beans.jc

MamaOlive said...

And we eat spinach all the time! ha. I thought that was gross when I was younger, too.