Tuesday, 20 May 2008

While we were out

Bob was given Friday off "just 'cause" and we were glad to be leaving our cold house.
... I should have written this yesterday! Now I cannot remember well enough to separate the days!...

Anyway, RAF Mildenhall was putting on a Bazaar in 3 of their hangers and we went out there Friday and again Saturday. Friday we spent a few dollars for the children to play a fishing game, but didn't buy anything. Saturday I bought a china serving bowl, an Indian headscarf, a rolling pin, and a necklace for each girl. We were going to go back to the children's hanger and buy some time on the bouncy castles, but a local rock band was getting fired up right then (that hanger housed the stage, the children's stuff, and a 'beer garden') so we just had to leave. The children were very disappointed, but we figured a way to make it up to them. After dinner we each had an ice cream, and then we let them play and look at all the toys at the BX, AND we let each one pick out a small toy. They really behaved well at the bazaar.

We also drove out to Feltwell one day, and Bob took the older 4 into the furniture store while the babies and I napped in the car.
And we drove out to Methwold (just a little village) and took pictures of the church there. On the way back from there we went to Weeting and looked up the full gospel church there. They were having a wedding so we just drove by and read the sign. I don't think it'll be any better than where we are now, and it's farther to drive.

Sunday we left for church early, but not early enough, and went to the boot sale in Kennet. We bought a skirt for Taryn and a foam floor puzzle for everyone. Very little was priced there, so I wonder if people are expected to haggle.

Then we had a sandwich before going in to meeting. William didn't cry, so I got to stay in for the whole service. Our chaplain said he is leaving in July. So we might be looking again anyway.

Yesterday the man came and got the heater going again, and explained what all the controls are for. Why isn't that a part of the newcomers' briefing? It's not exactly self-explanatory, with 3 thermostats and two power controls. But we understand now.

Sorry I can't remember enough to make it interesting.

Oh, hey! I learned to knit! I bought a pair of needles at the BX, and got some clear instructions from About.com and now I'm half-way to a pot holder. :-)

AND William is crawling. Bob and I sat and watched him go straight to his goal. He's starting to eat more at the table now, but it still isn't much. We'll stick a spoonful in his mouth and he'll sit there with his mouth open for a minute, and then finally he can't help it - he has to close his mouth - and then the food gets swallowed.


Dawn said...

They have Bazaar's at various bases that we visit, mainly the Air Force bases as they have hangers and none of the Army bases have them.
Does England have many shops with headscarves?
Here in Germany, there is a huge Muslim population so many of the stores offer the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen!
I am not one for printed scarves, but the details on the ones I have seen were quite beautiful.
Wouldn't pay the price for them though...esp. sine the Euro to a Dollar rate is horrible! :)

I am glad you got the heat working again! Wouldn't want you, the hubby and young'uns to freeze!!!! At least it's not snowing, right? :)

I hope you and your family have a superb Tuesday!!!


Dawn said...

Oooo I just thought of something...how would you like to talk to each other on the phone?

I call my friend in Scotland all the time and believe it ir not, it's cheaper to call her than it is to call America.

If you want me to give you a hollar today, let me know.
I would need your country code (like Germany's is 011+49) and your phone number of course.
You can e-mail it to me...

Bless you,

P.S. Have your eBay items come in yet?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all the writing, every word, but save time for the rocking. jc

MamaOlive said...

Hi Dawn,
Honestly, we haven't been in many shops yet. When we do get to walk through a town during business hours we usually just walk through. With the double stroller, plus 4 walking children, and the camera bag and the diaper bag, the shops just seem very small. :-)
Our local area doesn't have a lot of "diversity," but we saw a lot of Muslims and Indians when we went to London.
Aren't you delighted to know COLA rates dropped because of the dollar's "rebound." !!? But it will all soon be a distant memory for you.

Sorry I didn't email you about the clothes. They did arrive in perfect condition. I didn't take time to properly try on the dress, but the shirt fits.

We signed up for unlimited calls to the states for about $10 per month. We call my parents at least 2 hours a week, so I figured it was worth it. I'll email you.

Dawn said...

Still waiting for your phone number...lol...

I think I judt dial +44 and then the number, right?

Hope your Thursday is going good for you. My day is just seems so strange...I want to go back to bed. :-)

Bless you!

Mrs. Darling said...

I saw your diet comment on Ganiedas blog. Hang in there! You can do this. We're all here for you.

Ganeida said...

Hey, MamaO, I don't frequent the dieting blog but I wanted to congratulate you on your basket win. Way to go, girl! Hooting for you all the way from Down Under. (And that should scare the pounds off you!)