Monday, 19 May 2008


Well, the oil tank/pipes are no longer leaking PTL! However... (there's always a cloud behind every silver lining) when it started to cool off Friday we turned the oil flow back on, and tried to get the heater to come on. Gave it a couple of hours, because it takes a while to warm the water back up (though don't try to tell that to the local folks, who actually program their tanks to go off and on throughout the day so it's only running while they are at home, thinking it will save oil, but we know it will burn more to heat everything than to just keep it hot), and it didn't. So we started looking around. Finally found the instructions on relighting the boiler, followed them, and it didn't light. The book says don't try repeatedly - call a technician. Except it's 6pm on Friday. I called Elvins Estates just in case someone was working late, but they weren't.

We had the children sleep in warm clothes, the girls all in one bed with 2 blankets, and the big boys in one bed with 2 blankets. William had on warm fuzzy pjs, a "sleep sack" and an afghan over that. (I don't advocate blankets on babies, but someone said you can use an afghan and they won't smother under that, and it makes sense.) They are warm when they wake up.

So Saturday morning it was a bit chilly, but we hurried through breakfast and left.

Sunday morning it was 34* outside and not much better in here. Also we discovered that the heater is what heats the hot water, so we had to switch it back to electric before we could wash up.
Mr Elvin called me back Sunday morning and asked what was going on, and said they'd get somebody out Monday.
We got together as quick as we could and left.

Now it's Monday morning, and 34* again. Bob tried to start a fire before he left for work, but it didn't take. I have on sweat pants, house socks, a denim skirt, a long sleave shirt and a sweater. Plus my hot laptop is on my lap and I just finished some hot chocolate. It's not TOO cold!

Time to get the children up.

I'll tell about our time away from home later.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! No fun to be cold. There is something to be said for Oklahoma Natural Gas heat. jc

Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness its cold in the olive grove. Our temps have been in the nineties but they are coming back down to the 60's tomorrow.

Your basket will be in the mail tomorrow! fingers crossed

Ganeida said...

brrr. I feel your pain in my bones.

MamaOlive said...

Thanks for the sympathy, ladies.
I got a fire going yesterday and that helped, and then the man came and "bled" the lines and started the boiler again. Yay! It's 31* now, but we are all cozy inside.

Dawn said...

It was 77-79 degrees last week for the high in Germany.
This week it look like the highs will be 69-72 degrees which is perfect!
When it gets too hot in the house I don't do much and I hate that because stuff has to get done, but if it's too hot, what can I do?

Our lows have been in the 50's which of course my hubby says is 'freezing' and here I am with all our windows wide open. :-)

I was just informed by some fellow blogger friends of mine that in Texas, esp. the area where we will be going soon, it's 99 degrees, so I am going to enjoy this weather here in Germany while I can.

Bless you!