Saturday, 24 May 2008

Here I go meddling again

I found this website, and I just had to share.

This is the best article I've seen on the headcovering. It is well written and well researched, and it relies on facts rather than emotion, which I like. Disclaimer: he does mention briefly the (unbiblical) presupposition that "the gifts" have ceased, but that one statement doesn't ruin the main body of work.

I'm not done yet (it's a long article) but my favorite line so far is:

...women do indeed understand the symbolism of the head covering. This understanding is usually expressed in hatred and contempt for the sign of submission. The reason for the angry opposition to head coverings is not because women have a natural hatred of hats and veils, but because of their sinful opposition to what the cloth covering represents--the subordination of the woman. We do not find the modern spirit of feminism in godly Rebecca who puts on her veil in the presence of Isaac as a token of subjection (Gen. 24: 65).
Oh, I found another fault - for some reason he dismisses the foot washing without qualm.

Whew, I finished it! That was quite a chore with all the interruptions - I mean, children - I mean other things going on.

So I found two sentences that I disagreed with; that's a 99.5% agreement rate, so I still say it's a very good article.

If you've ever wondered why I wear a headcovering, take the time to read the article, or at least skim it. Any attempts at brevity only add confusion, I'm afraid.


Dawn said...

That headcovering article looks great!
I put it in my favorites to read over later. :-)
I called you yesterday but some man picked up the phone and I couldn't hear what he said so I freaked out and hung I hope I didn't hang up on your hubby. lol. If I did, tell him I am sorry.
It was hard to hear. I can go ahead and try again if you want. It's up to you.
Or if you have Yahoo IM I am on there a few times a day. I think my ID is biblegirl1999. I I don't even know how that thing works. MySpace IM is so much easier...

Hope you are having a good weekend!

God Bless,

MamaOlive said...

Something must have gone wrong with the phone call. Bob wasn't home till after 5, and then we all left to get dinner and milk. He's working today and we are running wild.
I did IM for a little bit, but I don't even remember which server I used. Email may be the best thing.

Diane Shiffer said...

ahhh... headcovering! a subject i try my best to ignore;) that said, the article you referenced looks very interesting and i'll look forward to reading it!

thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment... i'll be sure to be returning to visit you often:)

Ganeida said...

I might e~mail you on this one; not to~day. We are trying to get to meeting but I think I have miscounted my Sundays & it will have to be the Baptist church ~ which is not where I want to go. ((Hugs))

LisaM at ThoseHeadcoverings said...

I had not seen this article before and am glad you posted it. Very comprehensive, eh?