Thursday, 15 May 2008

oil tank

So for the whole story of the oil tank.

A couple weeks ago we had the tank filled, and from that time I've smelt the kerosene when I go near the tank. So one day I went to look, and the pipe from the tank to the house felt damp. I told Bob; he looked, and thought it wasn't the oil.

A few days later I saw a drip, so I went out and tightened everything I could, and it stopped dripping. So I told Bob and he looked and it wasn't dripping any more.

Then a couple days later (Sunday) we ran out of hot water, which prompted another look. It started dripping again.

So first thing Monday morning I called Elvins Estate Agents in Mildenhall, who are supposed to be managing the property, and they called a plumber who would be out that afternoon. At 3 I hadn't heard from the plumber so I called Elvins back. They said the plumber was out on emergency and would be at my house first thing Tuesday morning. So 3pm Tuesday I called elvins again and left a message. Wednesday morning before I left for my WIC appointment I called again and left a message saying if the plumber didn't make it THAT day, I WILL call the base housing office. (Which lists and approves all the rentals of military personnel.)

So when I got home Wednesday there was a message from Elvins, so I called back, and they said someone would be out this afternoon, and Mrs homeowner also wanted to bring out somebody. Okay.

About 2 I got a call from Mr homeowner, and he said he and the man who built the tank wanted to come look. Okay. They came about 2:30, and as I was feeding William and couldn't come to the door, he called again after they left. He talked very fast, and used "yeah?" a lot throughout his conversation, so it was a little hard to follow, but basically he said they were pleased to note the leak was from the pipes, not the tank itself (which I knew and had told Elvins all along), and that the man would be happy to fix it soon. Great.

Then a little after Bob came home a man showed up to look at the tank. He said he'd tighten things down, and if it still dripped he'd come replace the seals or something. Okay.

Then just after he left Mrs homeowner and a man showed up. (We think Mr and Mrs Homeowner are divorced or separated.) Bob went around and talked to them. They also thought we were claiming the tank itself had a problem and may have to be replaced, and were relieved to find it was just the pipes. Mrs homeowner talked to Bob some about another thing Elvins had told them, and it wasn't quite right either.

So anyway, we finally had -not someone, not TWO someones, but THREE someones out to look at the leak.

I think it slowed (if not stopped) after the second guy tightened something, but I haven't checked again this morning.

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