Monday, 12 May 2008

Fayre and Fete

Saturday we went to the Snailwell Medieval Fayre. It was hot (about 80*) and sunny, and very little shade on offer. We all got sunburnt. So enough with the complaining, already. As we arrived, some men were doing a hand-to-hand combat, so we watched that. Then we were directed to another arena for a demonstration by S.C.A. They had a couple of guys fighting, but it was mostly about the SCA and how to join, what they do, blah blah. Also the speakers were turned up really loud and the guy was out of breath, shouting into the mic. So we didn't stay very long there, but walked around the tents housing the market and demonstrations.
When we made it back toward the parking lot side we parked in the shade and had a picnic. umm, peanut butter sandwiches! Then there was the children's costume competition. Taryn wore her chemise and skirt that I bought on ebay a while back (she got half-price admission for being in costume), so she joined the competition. She didn't stand a chance. Both prizes (boy and girl) went to the youngest participant.
We walked around the tents again and bought an ice cream, a headband for the girls (I owed them payment for clipping the hedges last week), and a sheepskin. Bob wanted a longbow, but they were pretty pricey. He talked to the men about swords quite a bit. Riah wanted to hold all the swords on display, so that gave Bob and the other guy time to chat. I think the man was glad to have someone knowledgeable to talk to.
It was after 2, and the joust was scheduled to start at 3, but we just couldn't stay any longer. We were all wiped out, getting headachey, so we came home.

After a nap and lots of water we felt better and decided to go to Mildenhall for dinner and a trip to the BXtra. Bob had an idea of getting a fun noodle (swimmy thing) to cut in half for swords for the boys, since their foam pirate swords finally bit the dust.

gotta go, will finish later.

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