Sunday, 25 May 2008

No end this week

Boo hoo, there is no weekend this week. And it's Bob's fault. He was acting as shop chief on Friday when it became apparent that the planes would not get fixed, even with a regular weekend duty shift, so he decided to make "everyone" work regular shifts through the weekend. Not exactly everyone, because the real shop chief isn't coming in, and a single mother couldn't get a babysitter, so Bob let her stay home, but it does include Bob working all day Saturday and today. He was hopeful (last night) that they would get Monday off.

Friday night, not knowing what the weekend would hold, we went to get groceries after Bob came hoe from work. That was tiring, as we got home after 9.

Saturday night Bob thought of going back again, to get a movie for him to watch today at work, and I wanted to go again, too, because the commissary was having a case lot sale (two days only), and I wanted some more yarn for my knitting. So we went to the craft store - closed. So we went to the library - closed. So I went to the case lot sale and Bob checked the mail. I bought a case each of 2 kinds of cereal, 2 cases of toilet paper, a case of paper towels, a case of trash bags, one of spaghetti noodles, 4 of green beans, 3 of corn, and a club pack of crackers. It barely fit in the back of the van, and I had fun unpacking it all today, but it will save some money and some trouble in the future.

Today I am doing laundry (more than usual) because Cedwryck has forgotten how to use the toilet, and washing dishes (for some reason the dishwasher didn't get anything clean yesterday), and making barbecue meatballs for dinner.

I ate candy and cookies and ice cream all day yesterday and lost 2 lbs. Really! This morning I weighed in at my lowest so far since ... Well, since William, at least. That makes a total of 17lbs lost since I started keeping track. Not a lot, but slow is best, they say. (Yes, 17 lbs is a lot if you are skinny, but when the total weight loss needs to be oh, 90lbs or more, 17 is just a good start.)

Yesterday we brought in our emergency change of clothes from the car to check if we still have everything, and Taryn's dress barely came to her knees. It's only been 3 months! She is sure growing up.


Wil said...

Marline said congrats on the weight loss. She's working on her own right now (toning, tightening, etc.) and it takes a good deal of dedication.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Keep it up! I need to get serious 'bout my weight; thought working in the garden would help -- it only makes me hungry :(

I have resisted buying sweet treats when shopping; so maybe I am making some progress.

S.A.M. said...

I tried to give up bread, which is my version of chocolate, but it didn't work. But I have stuck by working out for at least 10 minutes a day. Oh and I try to hold my stomach in now, so I can give off the allusion of a flat stomach.

Congrats again on losing 17 lbs! That's amazing!

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Marline and Wil and Mums.

I'd rather give up meat than bread, but I'm just anti-culture like that. :-P Bob actually wore a girdle for awhile to help him try to hold in his stomach. Just that tightening of the muscles will help, if you can remember.

I know all about HOW to eat right and exercise, it's just a matter of actually applying the knowledge.

LC said...

17 pounds is a lot, even compared to the how much you want to lose. Just imagine if you had GAINED 17 pounds how you would feel about it. I also need to lose a total of 73 pounds, and am down 20. People are just starting to notice. It's been since fall, so I'm doing it the REALLY slow way. Another way to think of 17 pounds of fat is to get out a pound of butter. Each pound you lose is equal to what? 4 sticks of butter? That's a LOT.

Anonymous said...

Good weight loss and I am proud of you but be careful of those snacks. It will show up on the scales next week. That's how it always is with me. If I binge, it shows on the scale the next week. jc

MamaOlive said...

Thanks Lorella and JC.
I know if I eat like that everyday it will not look pretty later. But I do think the "yo-yo" diet is a good idea. I mean where you eat lower calories most of the time, but you have one or two days a week where you eat a bit more. This keeps the metabolism from dying out, and gives one something to look forward to other than a lifetime of carrot sticks.

Ganeida said...

I would die on carrot sticks! I'm just blessed with my metabolism 'cause I should be as big as an elephant & Liddy should be even bigger 'cause she eats more but we seem to have heaps of *nervous energy* that burns the fat off. Besides, I like cream in my coffee...Oh & I have no idea how big a stick of butter is. Ours come in tubs or blocks ~ 500g or 1kg. I grew up with the old imperial measurements & still work in pounds & inches (hence my kids can do both! lol) but I get lost dealing with your weights 'cause you take out the stones & just keep the poundage & you know my math. Converting that just ain't a happening!

MamaOlive said...

LOL. Seriously, laughing out loud. When you skip "stones" and just keep on with pounds, isn't that less math? A stone is what, 20 lbs?
We get butter in 1 lb packages, and it is wrapped in quarters - sticks - that are 8 Tbps each. So our recipes will often say 1/2 lb or 2 sticks; that type of thing.
(I know this is a hi-jack, but why not?)

In order to not get too confused, I say a litre is about a quart (we are familiar with liters because for some reason our soda bottles have always been sized that way); a kilo is about 2 pounds; a GBP is about $2; a meter is about a yard; a kilometer is useless; and a centimeter is about 1/2 inch. ha.

Ganeida said...

Who adds? I'm 71/2 stone. What's to add? (insert head scratching icon here)

Um yes, I work ounces in spoonfuls but I am now reaching that stage in life where most of my cooking is done by know, when you say to yourself, 'That looks about right.' I may say Km's but I think miles & whatever the ruler says I work in feet & inches. No wonder my math gets a little bizarre!