Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Shopping and so forth

(Background info: Bob loves peanut butter. He used to live entirely on peanut butter - more or less. His favorite desserts all involve peanut butter.)

Still breathing okay, S.A.M.? (she's allergic)

Sunday night Bob asked me to make "no bake cookies," which in our house goes like this:
Melt 4 T butter in saucepan. Add 2 heaping spoonfuls of cocoa (Dutched, if you have it) and stir til smooth. Add 2/3 c sugar and 1/4 c milk. Stir constantly over med-hi heat to a rolling boil. Boil and stir 1 minute, remove from heat. Add 1 1/2 c old fashioned oats (rolled oats, not the instant kind) and about 3/4 c peanut butter. Divide into 2 bowls and eat hot. (I like a glass of milk with mine.) In theory you can dole this out by the spoonful onto foil, let cool; peel and eat. But why eat it cold and hard when you can eat it hot and goey?
So anyway (yes, this train has a caboose!) I went into the kitchen and suddenly realized we were out of peanut butter. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked in all the cabinets twice. When I told Bob it was more of a confession than a simple fact. He pretended to be mad, but I think he meant it a little. ;-) Anyway, we decided on microwave choc pudding.

So, Monday after lunch I went to the BX for a cookie sheet (I just wanted something cheap to use under the broiler), and then on to the commissary. We got two carts and put Ella in one seat and William in the other, and Cedwryck in the back of one. The backpack went in the back of the other, and my reusable shopping bags went underneath. First things first this time, instead of following the expected route which goes first to the produce and ends up with a lot of squished stuff. In the back of the building, part of the warehouse houses the "case-lot sale." They had diapers, so I got 4 boxes. Sparing some detail here, I tried to get the heavy and bulky things first, then the cold and fragile things. Riah lasted about 10 minutes and had to be put in the back of the other cart. They thought it was fun to sit on the toilet paper.
Then William got fussy, so we headed to the cafe area where I sat and nursed William while the children used the toilets. The girls went in, came out for toilet paper, did their thing, got Ella and changed her, and the boys were still in there. SO I closed my eyes, opened the men's room door and yelled at them to come out. They were both dampish, and Ced started complaining that he hadn't "gone" yet. Whatever.
William was asleep in my arms, so Taryn pushed one cart, Naysha pushed the other, and Riah walked with e to get things off the shelves and put into the carts. It worked for a little while, but then Naysha ran into a cardboard display thing and dumped chili seasoning all across the isle. So we did the honorable thing and put it all back as it was.
One lady stopped and told me she'd seen us around base and had determined to tell me, next time she saw me, that we had a beautiful family.
One man stopped and asked if I was Pentecostal. I said, "Yeah, you could say that." So he asked where we went to church and recommended one for us to try.

We finally made it out, without my losing my temper. Though I got close when I saw the empty poultry case. There was a sign saying the next shipment was due Monday, or try the frozen section. It was wiped out, too. And as someone else pointed out, Today was Monday. So is it a whole week till they get more chicken?

WHen I got home (at 2:30) and unpacked the groceries, I realized that I forgot the peanut butter. I called Bob and he said this was the worst thing I'd ever done. He stopped on his way home and got a jar.

Today after dinner we heard Riah playing in the other room, and he said, "You forgot the peanut butter! ptshew (sound of a weapon firing)"
Bob and I both just laughed and laughed. Taryn thought we saw something funny on the computer.


S.A.M. said...

It's a wonder I didn't go into anaphylactic shock with all that talk of peanut butter. Yesterday your mom made Blonde Brownies and Wil acted like he hadn't had chocolate in a million years. I'm ok with chocolate in the house, but no PB&J.

Anyhoo, I loved Azariah's sound effects. ;-)

MamaOlive said...

Blonde Brownies sounds pretty good right now.

I wasn't sure I spelled his weapon quite right, but I guess it worked. Still makes me laugh.

Dawn said...

What a trip it is for ya just to go to the commissary. :-) Wish I was there to help..I have such a dull life here in Germany :-)

At the commissary here, once the cashier asked me if I was Mormon (I was wearing a navy blue hanging veil).
I was asked if I were Pentecostal in Taco Bell :-)

Will you try out that church that someone invited you too?
What's the name of it?

What's your hubby's favorite peanut butter?
My hubby hates it, but I love it!
My fav. brand is Skippy! Yum! My mom just sent me a coupon for .75 off for a jar of it which I will happily use soon :-)

Or you know what else is good...those 'Uncrustables'. They aren't too pricey in our commissaries.

Bless you Sis and thanks for posting your adventure on here :-)


MamaOlive said...

Thanks for your comments, Dawn.

The lab tech Monday asked if we were Mormon. Uh, no. :-D

The church is Brandon Full Gospel Church and it's actually in Weeting. (It's England - logic does not apply.) I told BOb about it but he says it will be too far to drive. So unless we just visit once and it's awesome, we probably won't be going there.

One time we did a peanut butter taste test with 3 or 4 brands. Bob could identify each brand by taste, but he's never claimed a favorite. Jiff is the peanuttiest and so turns out well in cooking.

Never tried uncrustables.

Ganeida said...

We love our peanut butter here too ~ along with that Vegemite stuff. I am going to risk life & limb & post the best ever ginger cake shortly. Hopefully there are no unknown cross cultre ingredients!

kimba said...

I have to ask. What are "Blonde Brownies", apart from a contradiction in terms.

MamaOlive said...

Blonde brownies...
I guess it's most like a big chocolate chip cookie baked in a 9x13inch pan. Except it's better than that. :-)
Around here, "brownies" usually means chocolate bar cookies - chewy, slightly cakey, so blonde brownies are blonde because the batter isn't chocolate.
(blogger keeps telling me I should spell it blond. When did that change?)
Does that help?

Anonymous said...

Chris is also a PB addict. He says Jiff is the ONLY peanut butter worth eating. There's a reason "choosy moms choose Jiff."

We call blonde brownies "blondies". It is the consistency of a brownie. I always assumed it was made with white chocolate.

LisaK said...

I ran across your blog when I was looking for churches in London! I saw the comment about Brandon Full Gospel Church and thought hey, I use to attend there! It was great then and I'm sure it has just grown and gotten better.

My family and I are moving to London in a few weeks and I would love to have someone to e-mail and sort of know when I get there. So, if you don't mind chatting once in awhile I would greatly appreciate the friendship.

I have 4 kids and currently living in Tyler, Texas. The funny thing....I use to live in Abilene! Had my first born at Dyess! :-)