Wednesday, 28 May 2008

odds and ends

Since we finished reading Howard Pyle's Robin Hood, the children have been playing the stories some here and there. Then a couple of weeks ago I found a copy of the movie Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, at a garage sale for 50 cents. I hadn't seen it in years, so Bob and I watched it at night to see if it was appropriate for the children, and though it is violent we figured it would be okay. They've watched it twice now, and have played out every scene a dozen times. My children are very observant - they watch movies like my dad.
When I watch a movie for the first time, I just try to follow the story and be entertained. But these children see every detail. They know all about Maid Marion's outfits, and how she did her hair, and how many arrows Robin carries in his quiver, and which side of his face got bloody, and everything. One scene had Marion's maid wrapping yarn while they talked, and Naysha asked about that... It just blows my mind at how much of the detail they picked up on.

I'm carrying on with the knitting. I made a potholder (of course!), and now I am making a "fuzzy rectangle" (as Riah calls it) which will be a scarf for Naysha on her birthday. They always want to buy a feather boa in the toy section at the BX, but it would be all over the house in no time. So I hope this scarf will be a good substitute.

We had a thunderstorm last night. It woke up the boys, so I sat up with them for 30 minutes or so before heading back to bed. It made for a groggy morning this morning.

My powers of concentration are fading fast, so I guess that will be it for today.


Ganeida said...

Ditz is like that; highly visual learner. Honestly, she turns up details that she's viewed in passing but sequencing comes hard, which is why math is such a drama; it's all about sequencing correctly. *sigh*

LC said...

Shari- this is probably not the best forum for this question, but I just now thought of it. You can answer me here or email, or whatever suits you best...
Is there anything (favorite snacks, coloring books, etc) that you guys like from the states but can't get there? I am willing to bring along a few things for you. (nothing too heavy though, since you are on the last leg of my trip- I don't want to be lugging bricks all over Europe)

MamaOlive said...

Thanks for asking! I can't think of anything right now, and we do have access to ebay,, and my mother has sent an item or two. I know I'll think of something the day after you leave. :-)