Thursday, 15 May 2008


Wednesday we all got up early and went to the base. I had to pick up the blood work results from our primary care providers and take them to the WIC office by 8:30.

First stop, family practice for my results. I have normal iron levels. I just figured it'd be low since I have been pregnant and/or nursing without a break since August of 2001. I take vitamins sometimes, but not every day by a long shot. My ob/gyn for babies #2-4 would never believe it. He was convinced having babies is bad for you.

Then to pediatrics for the children's results. The person at the desk said she saw us in the BX on Monday, and started bragging to her co-worker about how I had the children all in a line, not acting up or anything. She said I should write a book. HA. I have read a few, but I feel like a miserable failure most of the time.

Anyway, got the results and went to WIC. Riah's hemoglobin count was just above the average range, but the nurse there said it meant he was probably gearing up for a growth spurt and was no cause for concern. All the other numbers were within normal.

Ella is growing! She's almost up to the 25% now. That was encouraging for me to see. William's weight has slowed some, but it's still going up, and his height looked good. The boys are both around 90% on height and weight.

We got out of there about 9:30 (Bob met us there and watched the children while I got the coupons, then went back to work), and the children were all hungry. So we went by Burger King and got some plain cheeseburgers to eat in the car.

Then to the commissary again to get the free stuff (milk, cereal, peanut butter, juice, and cheese) and the stuff I forgot Monday.

We made it home just in time for lunch and the oil tank drama already discussed.

Other stuff:
Bob's car is still leaking water, and he decided yesterday that the engine would have to be pulled in order to fix it properly.

He IS the assistant shop chief now, and has been told he won't go on the upcoming TDYs. Which is all right, since the one he was going to be on got changed to a 120 day trip. But we were hoping he'd get to go to Iceland. I guess we can still look at Space-A seats...

Time to cook supper!

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Mrs. Darling said...

Hey just be glad people think your kids are well behaved! They dont need to know the truth that you know! LOL